Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!!!  Today is actually the normal day for most kids to go trick-or-treating.  Well not where we live.  We had trick-or-treat on Thursday...yes THURSDAY.  You know what the significance to Thursday was don't you???????  Nothing....just a random day they decided to have trick-or-treating for the little ones. 

The evening started out really rushed and complaining and scarfing food down my throat just to walk out the door.  Wondering why huh??  Well I was working on my big project. Hint hint!!

 I told J I was working on this until he got off work and then I was hopping in the shower and he could put a frozen pizza in the oven.  They could eat while I was getting ready and I would just eat walking out the door.  Well he came upstairs getting off work 3 min early haha!  (He works from home in case you were wondering)  Then his phone rings.  So he goes  back downstairs to call a customer back.  That took about 15 more minutes.  Well if I was smart I would have started to clean up my mess and be ready to take a shower when he came up....Guess I'm not smart.  I was trying to get as much done on it as possible.  Bailey was being quiet and letting me work so I just kept working along.   Guess I should have kept an eye on her because this is what she was doing...playing in the dog water. But hey I got some of my project done!

  Anyways he comes back up, I clean up the mess, and head for the shower.  I shower, partly dry my hair, and get ready in 25 minutes...YES 25 MINUTES.  Then I still have to get Bailey in her costume.  Jason was trying to get everything together, but he doesn't know where everything is.  So I am trying to help him get things out and eat pizza at the same time.  Did I mention when one of us is being rushed there are always some fighting words exchanged because one of us is in a bad mood.  So my thoughts were like ohh great we are going to bicker the whole evening.  We leave the house and Bailey isn't to sure of her costume.  Shes trying to pull it off already and we haven't left the yard.  Great cranky parents + cranky baby doesnt equal a fun evening.

When she realized she was actually going on a walk she didn't care too much about the costume.  She got excited so the evening became a little bit better.  We got over our problems because it was so cute to see how excited she was we couldn't help but have fun.

At first she didn't walk up to peoples house to get candy she just played in the street and laughed at all the kids.  We walked past about 5 houses and she decided to walk up the driveway with some other kids.
She realized she was getting candy and loved it.  Everytime we told her to say "Thank you" she blew them a kiss.   She wouldn't let us help her carry her pumpkin at all.  She walked the whole neighborhood carrying her bucket.  We had to get a plastic bag to put some of the candy in so it wouldn't be so heavy for her.

She saw this little boy and walked up to see him and then tried to take some candy out of his pumpkin.

Once she got the hang of the whole thing she was asking for more and taking it from everyone.  She had the neighbors falling in love with her.  They were all cracking up at her because she was such a busy bumblebee.

Then we come across a little princess that she fell in love with.  As she is sitting there admiring this little girl she starts hacking her lungs up.  Her mom proceeds to tell us she has been sick all week and not in school.  **Ok I understand kids get dissappointed if they can't go trick-or-treating.  I also understand she could have been on antibiotics and not contagious!  I don't even care she was out trick-or-treating.  But I feel like she should at least keep her away from other kids especially because of all the kids in our area that have swine flu.  Maybe I am just that germaphobe mom, but I just thought it was rude.  I don't let Bailey touch other babies younger than her just in case she could come in contact with swine flu.  I don't care how old you are its not fun to go through but its harder on little babies and their mommas!

Then we had to stop and check out the Tin man!  Isn't that the neatest thing.  His eyes are actually deer eyes.

We finally got home and the only way to let her take a picture was to give her a sucker.  She is crying because I tried to move her pumpkin from one hand to the other.  She thought I was trying to take it from her.

Enjoy your Halloween!


Tracie said...

Awwww she is so cute in that little costume!!

**Nicole** said...

What a little DOLL!!!! Love the bumble bee outfit! :D Sounds like all in all you had a great night :D

No worries, you sound like you've been busy! :D Pass the award on whenever you get the chance to :D

Ree said...

Cute bumble bee! Following from MBC...

April said...

Hey there! Following you from MBC!

Sounds like your little one had a great time! She's just adorable! I have 4 kids and I miss when they were that age!

Tara said...

She is SO adorable, especially in that little costume. Glad trick or treating was a success!

Misty Rice said...

cute costume.

I am wondering if it is more fun for us parents (and stressful) but still fun, to do all this hustle bustle on halloween, just for those few moments of smiles and giggles watching our kids in their costumes.

So fun.