Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

37 weeks 5 days

Well nothing has really changed since last time I wrote on here. I'm still pregnant! We went shopping today and bought the outfit we are going to bring Bailey home in. Then we bought two more outfits and then some booties...did I mention before she didn't need any clothes? She is definatly cut off now from shopping!! I can not believe she talked us into buying her stuff today. Anyways I just wanted to put a few new pictures up because I haven't put any up recently. They are from 3 different days though..Mothers day and two different days this this past weekend. Enjoy! I will update on Tuesday...unless Bailey arrives before then!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

37 weeks 1 day

Another day another doc appointment!!! Bailey weighs 5 lbs 6ozs...shes a tiny little thing! The doctor is not worried about her though...she said I was really small so it doesnt surprise her that the baby is small. My amniotic fluid is low and she is a little worried about that. We go back next Tuesday and have it checked again and if its still low then she might have to induce me then because it isnt safe for the baby. If everything looks good next week then she is shooting to have me induced the night of the 25th! That means Miss Bailey will be born on May 26th! But.....dont forget....I could still go into labor on my own any day before that!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

36 weeks 2 days

Well we had a doctor appt today and everything went really good! I am 1 cm dialated, 50% effaced, and the baby is at 0 station! Yeah it all confuses me too if thats what you are thinking. Well obviously you have to be 10 cm to deliver (about the size of a cupcake wrapper flattened in case you were wondering). You have to be 100% effaced or thinned out to deliver so I am half way there in that department! The 0 station means that her head is already down in the pelvis area...the doctor could feel her head!! I told her she could deliver her now if she wanted! Anyways........I said well just tell me what all this means. I said do you think I will deliver in the next two weeks and she said ..........YES!! If I dont go into labor within the next two weeks they are going to induce me!!! We go next week for another appt and another ultrasound to get her exact measurements to see if she is small enough and I'm big enough to deliver her! Right now she is guessing that Miss Bailey weighs between 6lbs-6 1/2lbs. So you never know you could be getting a phone call any day now that we are headed to the hospital!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

36 weeks

I wish I had some updates for you. We just celebrated Jasons birthday this past week. We are also getting ready to celebrate our first wedding anniverary. Besides that everything is the same pretty much. I am starting to wear down with activity. A trip to walmart is very tiring and cant make it through the store without at least 2 trips to the bathroom. We go to the doctor on Thursday so hopefully we will find out some good news then. Just didnt want everyone to think I forgot about writing on here. I will update you again after the appointment!