Friday, July 16, 2010

Bring on the Travel...

Well we are leaving soon and I am so proud because I got most of my pictures up from our first beach trip!  Thanks so much for all the comments on them.  We had a blast and of course there are so many more pictures, but I won't bore with hundreds of beach pictures.  We are now off to a family reunion, then the beach, then a Phillies game!!  It will be mine and Bailey's first time to a professional baseball game so that is very exciting!!

I do want to share these pictures because I have come to the conclusions that I bring bad luck when it comes to traffic when I go to VA.  Remember this post and this one? Well this is what happened when we had only been on the road for about 20 minutes this time.

Yes...this is on I-64 right before the Hampton Roads tunnel if you are familiar with the area.

Misty of course getting in the middle of everything.

Thats it for now.  I don't think we have the internet at ALL where we are staying!  I could possible have a breakdown!   We are hoping this time around Bailey will like the sand better. 
We are outta here!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Self portrait!

So while I was trying to get cute pictures of Bailey closer to the water this is what we see.  My sister guarding the stoller.  Taking a picture of herself on her Iphone! 

She had no clue Jason was getting this picture of her!

Pool time

We had my cousins wedding to go to on Friday so didn't want to drag out stuff out on the beach and then leave early.  So we thought we could go to the pool by the condo.  We packed out stuff up and ready to go....until the guy told us we had to have a membership.  Well we dont live there so NO we dont have a membership.  So we were about to treck it down to oceanfront when, Amber, a lady Jason works with offered us her pool.  Thank you so so so much Amber.  You made Baileys vacation worth it because she LOVED the pool.

Her pointed once again. I think TT was about to jump off the divingboard...for the first time EVER!  I would post a pick but she might kill me!
Notice how she is smiling here and not at the ocean.
Giving me some love!  Gosh I love that kid!
She is full of herself!
Bailey being a super star!
Showing daddy that she learned to jump in the pool.
Love the faces.....

She loves her daddy!!!
Telling daddy where to stand to catch her!
My other favorite picture!
Once again thank you so much Amber, your poool was soooo nice! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not one rainy day :)

This year was very different than last year at the beach.  Last year Bailey loved everything about the ocean.  We stayed at a place that had a huge children area with ships and water shooting out everywhere.  She would have rather been on the ocean.  This year the sand totally freaked her out.  (Some pictures are blurry because they are from my point and shoot camera and I just pulled it out and snapped)
This is how she stood for the first 20 minutes or so.  As long as she had a snack and her hand touching me she was fine.

Then she got just a little too much sand on her feet and she couldn't take it.

She had to get between all toes on both feet!!
She got a little better the next day but still wasn't getting that dirty.  She was always cleaning her hands off.

I talked her into coming out there with me.  This was as far as she scared her a bit but she stayed for awhile.
  This is one of my favorite pictures.  She was loving it after awhile.
Jason hanging out in a tube some people gave us.
Who's that stud???  Oh yeah thats right hes mine....Ladies back off!

Please look how sweet this and not the horrible look on my face. She was so worn out from being out there.  I can guarantee this will never happen again.  She never falls asleep like this, but it was so sweet when she did!  I don't like to miss out on the sun, but too hold her its worth it! 
(There is also a chance this posted halfways through.  Then posted again with the whole thing.  I accidently hit the wrong button and it automatically posted)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I scream, you scream....

So as we speak Jason is telling me I need to blog more.  Who does he think he is?  My blog manager??  He says he follows me and loves reading it!  So nice to have such a huge only fan!  We are leaving soon to go out of town so I decided I better show you the pictures from our first beach trip.

Bailey and Mamaw laying around after a long day on a beach!

Bailey and Daddy on the beach!

Ohh my sweet love!

The beginning of Bailey pointing everything out!

See a boat!

Who knows probably a plane or boat.

Daddy I wanna go over there!

Look at that hair!!  Do you see the hair that the sun has bleached?  Why can't I get free hilights like that?

Of course we had to get icecream with sprinkles!

We were supposed to share it!

I only got a few bites!

She ate practically all of it besides the cone.

Have you seen these signs before anywhere?  They are all over the place at oceanfront.  I am not sure how well people abide by them, but at least its a little bit more of a reminder considering there are children everywhere.

You hopefully will not have to wait long before the next post!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We are bored...KINDA

Hi I am here.  I keep saying that but I really am not here!  Heres the low down on whats going on.  As you know we went to VA  a few weeks ago (I still have so many pics to post sorry).  A week after we got home Jason left for China...hes still there...and comes home Friday.  We have not stopped since he left.  We have gone to the pool at my parents almost every day. We have gone shopping or visited friends every evening.  For some reason I get really bored at home this time with him gone so we go places, lots of places.  We have spent probably too much money...but we are BORED and Bailey wanted to eat out a lot and buy lots of things! (haha thats for Jason if he reads this).  Anyways, Jason is home for three days and then leaves again for four days.  Are you still with me???  Then the day after he gets home again we leave for a whole week.  We are going to visit his Aunts and cousins for a family reunion for 2 days, then to the beach for 5 days, then to visit his Uncle and go to a Phillies game. 

So the point to the story is Jason is gone A LOT right now.  In about a month he will be in our house for about 9 or 10 whole days.  We are bored without him here.  When he went out of town before I was babysitting and always busy during the day.  Then in the evenings I was tired and we would do low key things. 

One more thing, Jason and my sister have talked me into trying to do photography professionally.  I really love taking pictures and have just taught myself what I know.  I have so much more to learn.  Well, I have my first paying customer next week.  To say I am nervous is an understatement.   Hopefully everything will go smoothly!! If you aren't friends with me on facebook here is a link to Kristi B Photography.  Check it out and "like" it!!