Monday, April 28, 2008

35 weeks

Well not much going on just the same ole day to day stuff. Still pregnant in case you were wondering! Bailey is kicking harder than before and when she moves my whole belly moves. I'm pretty sure she is ready to meet us or at least I wish she was. Jasons office bought us our playpen which was really exciting. We put it together the first day we got it. Now we have all this baby stuff around the house and no baby to go in it! Can you tell I'm getting impatient? Well here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Pics 34weeks

Well today we have had a lot of movement! She has been sitting on my right side and you can see the difference between my right and left side. I'm not sure if its her head or what but the right side of my belly was definatly harder than the left all day. Also lots of braxton hicks contractions going on....or at least what we think is going on. Here are some pictures we took this evening after dinner.

Monday, April 21, 2008

34 week checkup

We went to the doc today and everything is going great! I am measuring right at 34 cm and have gained a total of......24 lbs. We were also told that 75-80% of first time moms deliver about 2 weeks early! She also said because I am so small theres more of a chance for me to deliver sooner! And last but not least she said she would not let me go over my due date! So if Bailey is not here by June 3 she will induce me! So if you are betting on due dates I would shoot for May! I do not believe we are going to have a little junebug!! We have one more 2 week appt and then after that I go every week!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Starting laundry...

Well I started washing all of Baileys things yesterday. Mainly all of the oniesies, bath stuff, and blankets. Well that was an all day thing....taking off all the tags and opening the bags they came in. I did a huge load of clothes...which is a lot because her clothes are small....and doesnt it look like I touched her closet or dresser. This baby has way tooooo many clothes! She does not need any at all....I dont even look at clothes anymore when I go shopping because its pointless and a waste of money right now. Other than that everything is still the same...enjoying the 80 degree weather and feeling her kick ALL the time. She is going to be very strong because she is out of control when it comes to kicking and punching! You can just sit there and watch my belly and it goes up and down! But she is very snobby when it comes to touching the belly. She will toss, turn, kick, punch, and hiccup until someone other than me or her daddy touches the belly....then she stops!! Well off to enjoy the weather some and get ready for the weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well I have received a few emails with feedback on the page. Seems like everyone is enjoying the updates! We went to birthing class on Tuesday. The teacher went through different signs of labor and all the stages. is very nerve racking not knowing when its going to happen exactly. In case you didnt know I'm a now I think every little thing that happens to my body I'm going to go into labor. I know its too early but thats just how I am. We also went and bought more stuff for Bailey....neverending. We got some bottles, baby monitor, changing pad, and a few things. So all of you out there that have used the diaper genie or know someone who has....what is your opinion? Would you suggest buying it or do you think its a waste of money? Until next time....Kristi

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ok Here goes...I have never done this blogging thing and I hope that it doesnt confuse anyone. I thought this is an easier way to let friends and family see whats going on in our little family without emailing or calling to let everyone know. It keeps everyone on the same page and can check it out when its conveinent for you. Right now we are going to birthing classes once a week for 3 more weeks. They are teaching breathing techniques and how to know when you are in labor. I'm clueless to the whole thing in a way and guess I will know when it happens and Jason will be in town! We are still trying to finish the babys room with last minute touches. As of right now we are going to the doc every two weeks, we spend more time in the waiting room than with the doc. Right now we are 33 weeks, wow doesnt seem like its been that long huh? WRONG! I feel like I have been pregnant for at least a year! Alright well thats it for now! I will try and update this often or whenever I feel the need to vent! Keep on countin' down