Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shrew becomes a Worley

So we had a Mommas day out Saturday.  One of our friends got married this past Saturday so it was like a little reunion for all of us girls to get together.  She had it at a small place she had always dreamed of having it since she was a little girl.  So that meant she didn't invite husbands, it was definately girls night out. 
The wedding was at 2 and then the reception didn't start until 6.  Lets just say there was a lot of spare time in between.  I am not really sure why it was setup this way but hey it wasn't my wedding.  Lets just say there was a lot of sitting at the bar in the hotel.

Saturday was the big WVU/MU game.  They are the states two big college rivals.  GO HERD! They lost...too bad! :(  So we sat and watched the game, socialized, and more importantly drank!!

Look how pretty her dress was!!!!

A group of the girls on the dance floor taking time to stop for a picture.

This was our table at the reception.

Kristen is the name of the bride.  We call call her Shrew because her bestfriend, sidekick, partner in crime has the same name, Christin.  It was easier to just call them by their last names Shrewsbury and Parsons.  So they have always been known as Shrew and Par to everyone.  I have the same name issue.  Growing up I was friends with a girl name Kristi Smith.  So we were known as Eskew...SQ actually (my maiden name) and she was called Smitty (for Smith).  My friends still call me Eskew even though its not my last name anymore.  I don't even think twice about people calling me that because its just my name. You dont always see that a lot with girls.  Its mostly a guy thing that they go by their last name.  Not that you care to hear anything about that but I was explaning the meaning of the title of this post.

I would like to thank my friend Cheryl for taking these pictures.  I took my camera with good intentions of taking tons of pictures.  I took the small point and shoot camera instead of the SLR.  Well I took two pictures at the ceromony and realized  I can not deal with the slow shutter speed.  I used a small camera for years but once I started using a faster one I decided cant go back. 

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