Thursday, October 8, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies

Its funny how things change once you have kids.  I have attended Marshall University homecoming for the last 9 years missing only once.  At the time we lived in VA beach and drove all the way in for the weekend to go and BAM I am having horrible morning sickness. (Did I mention that I had all day sickness for the whole pregnancy?--finally was medicated for it)  Anyhoo.....this past weekend was MU's homecoming and of course we went.  I was in a sorority while at Marshall and every year they do a chilifest and invite all alumnae to come.  Well we go there to start the day off and then tailgate all day.  Well now there are tons of us that have children now and tailgating kind of changes when you are chasing around kids..esp mine...she doesnt know what it means to sit down.  So one of us gets to drink and the other one is the designated driver.  One guess who drinks??? Jason! It is so neat to get them together because it doesnt happen that much.  Here are some pictures of the kids playing and their mamas.  This is only some of the girls!  Wish more of you could have  made it!!

Me w/ Bailey 16 months, Mandy w/ Kenlie and Kylie 14 months, and Becca w/Jackson 5 1/2 months
(Mandy has a 6 year old little boy.  She wanted to have a girl so bad and knew she just never was going to have one.  When she found out I was having a girl she was so mad bc she just knew she was having another boy.  She came to my baby shower and looked at the nursery and made comments like I will never have a pink room and yaddayadda yadda! LOL Be careful what you wish for.  She got 2!...naturally)

Some more of the girls that are still single and livin the dream!

Everyone thought Bailey and the twins looked alike all day.  What do you think??

She tries to be so motherly and had to give them both love.  Shes a little momma to everyone.

This picture cracks me up because they were like this all morning.  I sometimes want to scream having one toddler.  I cant imagine doing it double time.  WOW

On a side note I have a really funny story...or at least I think it is funny.  Since I have been babysitting Jackson I have had to teach Bailey to put her finger to her mouth and say shshshshsh.  The only time she does it is when I tell her too or when we go upstairs around the bedroom Jackson sleeps in.  Well we went to my parents house yesterday for dinner and my mom was holding Bailey singing some hideous song and Bailey looked at her and said SHSHSHSHSH!!  Obviously she didn't think my mom was a very good singer hahaha....wonder why?


AManda said...

It looks like you guys had a great time - I must be so much fun to get together like that. BTW, you have a beautiful blog.

Michelle said...

hi! i found your blog on 20sb. i love your pictures! the babies are so cute and it looks like you had a fun time with your sisters. i was in a sorority as well and i imagine my pledge sisters and i getting together in the future with all our babies just like you did with yours :)

rachel.lyn said...

hey, sorry, i just saw this comment! i've been on vacation and won't be home till tomorrow so i haven't checked this in awhile :)
anyway! what i did was googled "photo blog lay outs"
and came up with this website:
i just downloaded one of the layouts and changed the colors around and put my own header up. it's much better for posting photos :) i had the same problem with the narrow spaces when i first started my blog!
hope this helps :)