Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brand new hutch...kinda

So last week I talked about the project I have been working on.  Well I have been painting my hutch and dining room table.   When we moved from VA back to WV we didn't have a table or chairs for our dining room.  While living in VA we had a small dining room that served no purpose but for the dog cage and storage.  It was a small apartment and just Jason and I living there.  We ate dinner on tv trays every single night......well the few nights I cooked.  So when we moved into a house that had a decent size dining room that was a wide open space to the living room we kind of had to have one.  Luckily my grandma had a dining room set that she wasn't using because she moved to a smaller house with an eat in kitchen.  It really isn't my style but hey it held my plate up to eat and all the other junk I could fit on there.  I said from day one I wanted to paint it.  (Move moved in here almost 2 years ago)  So poor Jason has listened to me complain everyday that I wanted to paint the table and hutch or buy a new one.  Well let me tell ya some paint is a lot cheaper than a new table.  So we painted it this past week and weekend and this week.....and probably this weekend :(.  Everyone doubted me telling me not to paint wood.  That is wasn't going to turn out.  Well if you know me very well....I paint everything black...so I dont know why they thought I wasn't going to get my hands on this.  Guess what....you all were wrong...I think it looks good!

I am kind of embarrassed to show this picture because I didnt realize how much stuff I crammed in this thing.  Everytime I didn't know where to put something I just threw it in there because I knew one day I would paint it and clean it out.  So please dont pay attention to what is in there if thats possible.

This is the bottom half.  We took the handles off and are getting news ones that go with black and more up to date.  There is also the design in the wood that I didnt care for so I took wood putty and covered it up so it is just smooth.

Here is the hutch primered.  We didn't sand it at all.  The primer that we bought lets you just primer to get rid of the shine and NO SANDING!! (the wood putty was still drying thats why its not white)

This is not the finished project, but you get the picture.  The doors are sitting on top because we haven't found hinges or knobs that we like yet.  I am not sure if I am keeping the same plates in there or not, but I threw things in there so you could see what I was going for. Their is also the door that goes on top and 3 pieces of glass that are missing.

As you can tell the design is gone on the bottom.

Here is the before of the whole room. PS we are getting a new picture for in the room also.

We started on the table.  Its still a bit wet so we are waiting for it to dry really good and then put a gloss on it.  Then of course the chairs have to be done.  Pardon the toys....

Next project...the chairs painted and recovered.


Sandra@threepumpkinslittle.squarespace.com said...

It looks amazing! Following thru MBC. Great job--I just love what paint can do :).

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the hutch! It looks great! I didn't know you had a blog either! It's great and I am now a follower. And yes you can definitely link to my site. I am trying to get others interested in Close to my Heart products as well as scrapbooking. Thanks!

**Nicole** said...

I have almost the exact same hutch!!! Also given to us, too funny :D Love it in black! But hubbies not a black furniture person though so I don't know if he'd go for it....I DO love how it looks though :D :D :D