Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Snooze day!!

OK I am completly exhausted today.  You ask why????  Well I will get to that in a few.  About a week ago while Jason was out of town I heard a beeping noise going off.  Then it would stop and I would go on with my business.  Then there it goes off again.   So I check the smoke detector upstairs...its not that.  So I was like it has to be the one downstairs.  It wasnt like there was a fire....it just was a beep like the battery was going dead.  So I was getting Bailey ready for bed and decided I would take it down once I got her down and didnt have to chase her around because she would insist going in Jasons office or the laundry room.  I put her to bed and come down stairs to take the detector down.  Well I just took the battery out and laid it on the table to remind me that we needed batteries.  Fastforward.....Jason gets home...we hear the beeping again.  So I was like its the fire detector upstairs...which could have totally been logical because we bought them at the same time and you would think the batteries would go dead around the same time.  We take it down and put batteries in both and put them back up.  Ok back to why I am so tired today.  I wake up at 3:00 this morning to the BEEPING AGAIN!!!!!!  I was like Jason do you hear that?  (Jason can sleep through anything and is really mean and doesnt even remeber it the net morning in case you were wondering.) He goes "NO I dont hear anything"  I continue to bother him and be like "can you just go check what it is?" (like 5 times.)  He gets up and shuts the door like it makes everything better if you cant hear it.  I mean there could be a fire downstairs and he shuts the door so he doesnt hear the detector going off.  But like I said he doesnt know what hes doing when hes half asleep.  I make him open the door and go check it out..  He comes back upstairs and is like do you have a headache??...(I was thinking wow thats nice of him to ask in the middle of the night if I have a headache and seeing if I need Tylonel). haha WRONG .....come  to realize the whole time the beeping has never been the fire detectors at all...its the CARBON DIOXIDE detector.  The side effects of being exposed to carbon dioxide are headache, nausea, flu like symptoms.  We freak out thinking what do we do.....its been going off for over a week and we havent noticed symptoms.  But dont want to go back to bed because obviosuly we could not wake up.  So we call 911 and get the fire dept. here.  They bring one of the biggest trucks they have and about 6 firemen.  (We live on a deadend street where there is no room for a huge truck to turn around...I dont even wanna know what the neighbors were thinking when they heard that beeping sound of a large truck backing down our hill at about 4:00 in the morning.)  They use their tester and they get a reading of 000.  So they tell us we just need a new detector.  So it was hard to go back to sleep after all of that.  So that leaves me with a very sleepy day and a long story for you to read!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playin' outside

As we all know Jason is back in town.  We went to pick him up at the airport last Wednesday.  We thought Bailey would be really excited to see him.  Well she really didnt know what to think.  I put her down and she walked to him and then reached back for me.  It took her a few minutes to warm up to him and then after that she went back to being daddys little girl.  We have been hanging around the house while he catches up on sleep.  We are possible going to buy a new car actually a truck for Jason.  We went looking the past few days and trying to decide what he actually wants.  I will let ya know what we decide on.  We have been taking lots of pictures this weekend. Here are some of the ones we took today while playing outside and Jason mowed and worked on the yard.  I will try and post some more tomorrow.  I would post them all right now but its Sunday night and all the new shows come on tonight!  Yahhh!  Hope you had a good weekend.  PS. Feel free to comment on the post and let me know how you like the pictures!!!  Oh yeah there is one of the front of the house decorated for fall.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photoshoot with Jacks

So we all know I LOVE taking pictures with my new camera.  But it seems like the past few weeks the only pictures I get of Bailey are the back of her head.  Dont get me wrong the back of her head is very cute just like any other body part of hers.  But you can only look at so many pictures of her hair parted into piggy tails or a pony tail on the top of her head. Trust me I will post more pictures of her very soon. So I have had a couple photoshoots with Jackson, the little boy I babysit, Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think they are so stinkin cute and good. So I thought I would brag on myself and let you see how good they are.

Ok So of course I had to add one of this sweet little face.  Couldn't ya just eat her she is so cute?  In case you didnt know Jason comes home tomorrow!! YAHHHH !!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
Mommy and I are anxiously waiting for you to come home.  We know that you can check the blog while you are away so thought we would write you a note.  I want you to know that mommy is doing a good job at taking care of me, but she is getting boring.  I cant wait for you to get home and play with me.  You always make me laugh really hard and play fun games with me.  I dont think you should be able to go away for this long again because I miss you so much.  I hope you are having fun on your trip and I am keeping my fingers crossed you bring me something cool home.  If not I will just settle for a hug and kiss, well I will take lots of hugs and kisses! 
Love you more than you know.
Bailey and Mommy

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I can do it myself!!!!!

We haven't done much this weekend.  But here are a few things that I captured on camera that I just knew you would love to see.  Bailey loves her veggies.  I usually hold the corn on the cob for her and she will take bites off of it.  I decided to give her the whole thing and let her go at it.  Well she loved it.  But she loves to think she is a grown up and do things herself.  She ate four of these things.  Yes I said FOUR!  Imagine the diapers I have changed the past few days. Sorry if you were eating or have a weak stomach just had to mention it.

Well its Sunday night and we have nothing to do...soooo what better to do??? Make cookies!!  She loves to look in the stove if I turn the light on.  So she watched the cookies as they were baking.  Then we enjoyed a cookie with some nice cold milk before she went to bed.

In case you were wondering where my dogs sit while Bailey is in the highchair.  RIGHT BESIDE HER!  In the first they are just waiting for her to throw food....which she always does.  The next shows them looking for the crumbs she threw. 

I bought a few things to decorate for fall.  This is what I put on the table and thought I would share with you.  Aren't the pumpkins cute??  I will post more of the outside decorations once I get the pumpkins to go with them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So I took some pictures yesterday of Bailey in her tutu. Well there are a few cute ones, but I want to get some better ones. Here is a preview of her. Its such a cute outfit so be looking for all of them to come soon.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

What we do with NO supervision!

Well we were bored today and Jackson was taking a nap. What better thing to do when Dads not home....MAKE A MESS!! I set this up in the kitchen (its chocolate pudding in case you were wondering) and she didn't know what to think. Shes contemplating if I was actually going to let her get into that.She would barely touch it. She would take her one finger and get a little bit on it and lick it off over and over.
MMMMMM.....this stuff is so good!

She decided to dig in. At first she gave me her hand like...uhhhh mom get this off of me. Then she decided to wipe her hands on herself.

This is so good I am going to just eat it out of the pan.

And the after of eating out of the pan.
Then she started putting it on the paper.
And her foot...

And all over her body.

She did what?

These pictures are not from the day everything happened, but thought you would like to see. I have been putting pictures on here different and this way wouldnt let me move the pictures around the way I wanted them.

Well as most of you know Jason is not in town at the moment. I am used to him traveling but this time its really rough. I feel so responsible and I dont like it at all. I could never be a single mom or someone married to a military guy that was over seas. I admit it I am to dependant on Jason. Hope thats not a bad thing, but its just really nice to have the help. As we all know Bailey is really full of herself these days and really stressing me out. Two days ago I put Bailey down for her nap and then came downstairs to put Jackson to sleep. Well Bailey plays in her bed for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep for nap or bedtime. Well thats what I thought she was doing--she played, smacked the wall, and cried a little bit. Nothing out of the norm. So I was trying to nap myself when all of the sudden BAMMMMM....Bailey climbed out of her crib. She started crying and was standing by her door when I got there. I am pretty sure my heart was in my stomach for at least 12 hours because I was so scared she would do it again. I dont think she is ready for the toddler bed. She would just play in her room all night. So we ended up (my parents and I) turning the bed backwards because the back is taller and then put it in the corner so she only has one short side to climb out of. Oh yeah i took the bumper out because I think she used that for a boost to climb out. So far it hasnt happened yet...but I still cant sleep very well thinking she is going to fall out and actually get hurt.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to stay cool tailgating!

It was a very hot day out. Once she realized there was ice in the cooler of course thats all she wanted to play with. She would take cooler from one to the other and thought it was the best toy. She loved tailgating at the game as much as everyone loved watching her. She played with so many people and never once cried or whined. As long as she can run or interact with people she is an angel! We started the day at teh field around 2:30 went to the mal afterwards and got home around 9:00ish. She was still going once we got home. She slept through the night and then took a 3 hour nap today. Tailgating makes for a hard day!! Oh yeah sorry these pictures aren't the best they are from my cellphone! Yeah I know I should have had my camera! Shame on me!!!!!!

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Best spot in the parking lot!

Playing loved playing with the ice. A friend of mine thought Bailey would love to sit in the cooler! So there she goes and of course she loved it!

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Bailey tossing the football around with the guys. Notice she has the ball in one hand and food in the other! Nothing stops her from eating!

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