Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blog makeover!!!!

OK!!  In case you didn't notice I got a blog makeover. Isn't it beautiful?  I decided it was time to change it up and decided to have someone else do it that knew what they were doing.  Stephanie at Dirt and Lace Designs did it for me.  Let me tell you she is amazing to work with.  I am pretty sure I saw every option there was and changed things around a million times. I have really big issues of letting up control.  I really wanted a blog makeover and someone to do it, but was really scared to death of the outcome.  It turned out amazing!!  Thank you so much Stephanie for dealing with me.  If you are looking for someone to do your blog she is definately your girl.  Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun from PA

Jason's family came in a few weeks ago.  Bailey loved having the company and always someone to play with.  We went shopping and to a flea market with everyone.  I almost had Jason talked into buying Bailey a pet rabbit.  They were so cute and tiny, but decided I didn't want the mess of cleaning its cage.  I think the frog we have is a hassle enough.  Anyways, Nanny (Jasons mom), Aunty Eash, and Gam brough stuff to make cookies with.  We all know the closest to homemade cookies around here come from a package.  Bailey loves to help anyone cook, so she was right in the middle of everything.  Here are some pictures of her helping out.

She loves to stir things.
Taste test....
Can you tell by the look on her face she hates for her hands to be dirty?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Parents

Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday!  Well at the end of March every year we get a double celebratation of birthdays.  My moms birthday is March 28th and my dads is the 31st.  I want to wish them the very best birthday ever.  When I think of the type of parent I want to be it is exactly what I saw while growing up.  They genuinely are the nicest people you will ever meet.  They will be married for 30 years at the end of the year.  They have always supported me and my sister in everything we ever wanted to do or not do.

My mom:  She is the strongest person I know.  She is a two time breast cancer survivor within the past 4 years.  She never once let it get her down and always made people think she was alright.  She is always there for us no matter what.  She would give the shirt off her back to someone if she had too. 

My dad:  He is always the strong one in the family.  He has been through his share of medical problems too, but you would never know.  He is the one that always makes hard times seem a lot easier.  He can never sit still and always has to be doing something.  He is dying to cut the grass right now if the weather would cooperate.  He would go without just to get me and my sister what we needed.

Happy 63rd BIRTHDAY!!

They both love Bailey so much and spoil her way too much.  She adores them both.  Everytime we get her dressed to go somewhere she thinks she is going to Mamaw and Papaws.  She is now starting to cry when we leave there.

Anyways I just want to wish them a very happy birthday.  Thank you for loving me and my family and being the best example of parents I could ask for.  Thank you for everything!!

I have come to realize I dont pull my camera out much when I am around people because I am too busy socializing.  As you can tell I don't have any recent pictures of Bailey with them.  I need to work on that.  Have a great day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is Bailey doing?

What is Bailey doing?  This is such a good question I am glad you asked!  It took her almost 2 weeks to fully recover from that virus she had.  She wasn't really sick, but just cranky and whiny.  Everything made her mad, she always wanted to be held, and she wouldn't play at all.  It was very rough dealing with her.  The past few days has totally changed for her.  She is back to her old self and even has more of a personality.  I have been so proud of her recently by the things she is doing.

Tonight she kept saying my name and I wasn't paying attention and when I turned around she was wanting me to help take her zip up hoodie off.  I was "sorry" and I swear she mumbled to me "its ok."

We drove past Mcdonalds on our way to the store and she started laughing and saying, "I eat, I eat, I eat"  and pointed and looking in that direction.

She was looking at a book and the inside cover was blue and she looks at me while pointing to it and says "blue blue."

She can do head, shoulders, knees, toes.  She doesn't sing it, but does the motions, except shoulders.

She has a Mickey video she is obsessed with and there are hula dancers in it and she dances and does the arm motions with them while watching.

She is getting better at pointing to things in books and saying what they are.  She has known what they are for awhile when we ask her to point to them, but now points to them and says their name without being asked.

I weighed her today and she is up to 24 lbs.  She finally is starting to gain weight.  She weighed 21lbs at her 18 months checkup and was only in the 10th percentile.  I put a pair of jeans on her she has never worn and I believe they were 18 months from Old Navy.  They are still way to big around the waste but almost too short.  So she is tall, but very skinny.  Obviously, not like her Momma.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Try, try again, and again

I keep saying I am back to the blog world and then keep dissappointing myself in not following through.  I am going to go ahead and explain the reasoning.  I have not talked about this with really anyone at all, for several reasons.  So for family members if you are reading this and this comes to a little shock I apologize, but I have my reasons for not wanting to talk about it.  I know I never post without pictures, but considering the subject I decided to refrain.

Last January (2009) Jason and I had a discussion/arguement about having another baby.  At first he was ready and I wasn't then I was ready and he wasn't.  After talking about it for a few days we decided that we would start trying to make Bailey a Big Sister.  I thought it was the perfect time because the baby would be born in the fall and then it would be old enough for family vacation the following summer and we wouldn't have to sit a summer out. I know it was a big decision with Bailey being so young and just crawling at the time, but knew our little girl was growing up fast I had an appointment with my doctor and even discussed getting pregnant with her and if I was crazy to want to get pregnant with a baby that was about 7 months old.  She said go for it!! That month began our journey of working on a baby.

When we started trying for Bailey it only took us three months to get pregnant so I thought this time would be a breeze as well.  I have never taken birth control so it wasn't even an issue to have to go off of it.  I also have been really regular and knew when I ovulated every month.  I really thought to myself this is going to be a piece of cake.

Well, months went by, still I never got pregnant.  Don't get me wrong I know it doesn't always happen that soon, but in my mind I thought I would be pregnant in at least 6 months.  We started getting worried around that time so Jason made an appointment just to make sure everything was good on his end.  He was tested twice for sperm count and mobility and everything was fine.  (On a side note:  They told Jason he had borderline abnormally high sperm count.  I recommend that no doctor tell any man that.  Talk about something he was gloating about.)So in September I called my doctor to get everything checked out because we had been trying for 9 months.  All results came back that I was ovulating and said to keep trying, and that we did!

I ended up going back to the doctor in January for my yearly visit and discussed my problems again.  After a year of trying I guess you are considered having "fertility problems."  Everything looked normal and they scheduled me for an ultrasound around the time I was supposed to ovualate to actually see in my tubes were ripe and going to release an egg.  Sure enough I was about to release an egg and once again said to go home and try, try, try!!  No luck once again.

So last month they put me on Clomid; it is supposed to help ripen your eggs or help ovulate.  I don't really know the technical terms for it, I just know it's a hormone to help get me pregnant.  The first month we had no success.  We are now on the second month of Clomid and will see how things go from there.

This brings me to why I have not been blogging much.  It seems as if everytime I get on here and read friends blogs I regulary read, everyone is popping up pregnant.  Everytime I get on facebook I have another friend who is pregnant, or someone who knows someone who just had a baby.  Don't get me wrong I am happy for everyone who is having babies.  It just hurts when I have been trying for so long and not succeeding.  I guess jealousy is getting the best of me in that department.

I would like to aplogize again to close family that are just finding out through my blog.  It is something that I don't talk about, but to Jason.  It hurts to much to talk about the dissapointment.  I never wanted to tell people we were trying because I wanted it to be a surprise when it actually happened.  We get asked daily when we are having another one and it hurts to know that we are trying so hard, so I try and blow it off like "Oh I don't know."

For some reason I thought I might feel better getting it out in the open and writing about it (but if I talk to you in person please don't ask me about it because I only cry.)  I actually have only teared up once writing/typing this.  I guess I am braver behind a computer screen.  If you have had problems simliar to mine I would love to hear your outcome and the steps you took.

I am constantly thinking of the next step we might have to take and the money it could cost to have other treatments done in the near future.  I would pay anything to have another child if I had the money.  I just hope we don't have to resort to those measures.  So I am not asking for sympathy, just to please think of us and keep your fingers crossed that getting pregnant happens sometime very soon in the future.

WOW this was really hard to type and even harder to read it back.  Thanks in advance for listening!

Somewhat "After"

Remember when I posted here about what we were doing one Saturday??  Well I still haven't gotten pictures of the whole room put together.  We painted and then had family in town, then went out of town ourselves, then everyone got sick.  I have had tons of opportunities to take pictures, but then you would see the books and jackets on the back of the couch, all the toys that still haven't been put away, and all the junk piled on my table.  Lets be honest here, I am just too lazy to clean right now.  I will show you this pic of the top of my hutch.  I am trying to figure what I want up there.  All of these things are not up there right now, but I threw them up there to get a vision.  You can tell in this picture the color of the wall. 
If you see what I see, then you see a blue wall that looks like it belongs in a newborn baby boys room.  It actually is a little darker than the picture makes it out to be, but we would have liked a little darker.  When we went to Lowes to get the paint I was a little scared of making the room too dark.  So I found a color I really liked and then went a shade lighter, because in my experience paint drys darker in my house.  Well the first time I thought I made smart decision with paint, it actually wasn't so smart after all.  We only painted one wall for an accent wall thank goodness!

We still have more than half a gallon left.  It would be so nice if they would just give us another squirt of coloring in the can so we can repaint it!  Anyone know if they do things like that?  My guess is NO!  They are going to tell me to buy another gallon of paint. 

We are on spring break this week, so we don't have Jackson.  So maybe, just maybe I will get my house back in order.  Or maybe I will just be lazy because I only have one kid to chase after, better yet we may just go shopping!!  Have a great day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting back to normal.....

Bailey is slowly getting back to her normal self.  She is still not eating very much and is very cranky.  She is fighting naps and giving us a hard time during the day.  She can turn that smile into a cry faster than I can turn my head.  I hope she is still just recovering from being sick.  Lets just say if this is the beginning of terrible two's we are in for a cranky momma too!  Thank for all of those that left comments while she was sick, it means a lot to know you were thinking of her!

Heres some pictures of Bailey wishing she had an IPhone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sick Baby

We went to Charlotte this past weekend hoping for a good time to shop and catch up with one of Jason’s friend.  I have some pictures from the weekend but haven’t even uploaded them to my computer.  We did do lots of shopping and visiting with family.  We were having a great time and everything was going smoothly. Until…..Saturday night!!!  I went to put Bailey down for bed while Jason ran downstairs to the hotel.  Within a matter of 10 minutes Bailey had gotten really sick.  She had vomited 3 times in bed and wasn’t stopping!  This lasted until about 1 in the morning.  We thought she was feeling better that morning and figured it was just a 24 hour thing.  Well she ended up getting sick twice in the car on the way home.  Once again she didn’t get sick the rest of day or night so we thought we were in the clear! WRONG AGAIN!  She got sick again all day Monday.  She couldn’t even keep water down.  We ended up taking her to ER Monday evening because she only wanted to sleep and wouldn’t walk much.  She ended up being dehydrated and had to be on an IV for 4 hours.  She did better than I thought she would with the IV.  She cried when they were putting in in but that's about it.  She was so tired that she didn’t bother it much at all.  So needless to say we have been in bed for days now.  Bailey still isn’t back to her normal self, very sleepy and cranky.   Here are a few pictures from hospital.  (They are from my cell phone so they are not very good quality at all.)

hosp gown

dadnB hosp iv in hand

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where does …….

the time go?  We finally got some nice weather here the past few days.  We have been outside a few times but I am still a little leery of the chilly wind so we don’t stay out for long amounts of time.  I know am a worry wart, but that’s just me.  I snapped this picture at lunch time today and remember I had one from spring time last year that was pretty similar.  Isn’t funny how fast they change and seem so mature less in less than a year?  At least we got rid of the ponytail on top that everyone called a waterfall.  Its not a waterfall ok???
21st month
I believe I am back to blogging.  I know its difficult to get through the day when I don’t post regularly! haha kidding.    I have lots and lots of pictures to catch you up on.  We have had play dates, visitors, and tons of stories to share with you.  We have one more little trip coming up this weekend and I am taking a break from traveling.  Plus spring break is around the corner and I don’t have to babysit for a whole week! We will miss you Jacksypoo. This also means that you will see the finished product of what happened here.