Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yeah I'm that mom........

I keep finding myself saying this phrase over and over to people lately...."Yeah I'm that mom." So I thought I would tell you just what kind of mom I am.  Don't laugh or make fun of me for me being me.  Some people think I am crazy for doing the silly things I do but thats me.  In my eyes I parent MY child  the best that I can and my best is all I can give.  Like I said before my child is a baby genius...doesn't everyone think that about their own kids?  Thats why I think I know it all because my parents told me I was a genius when I was young....and I still believe them! haha

Yeah I'm that mom........who doesn't leave my child with anyone.
Yeah I'm that mom........who doesn't know what its like to go shopping without opening a bag of gold fish in the middle of the grocery store to occupy a toddler, to say sit down, NO, stop that, dont do that about 100 times.
Yeah I'm that mom........who hated when strangers touched my childr in public when she was an infant and wiped her hands as soon as they walked away.
Yeah I'm that mom.......who has to make sure everything about her outfit matches even to go play outside.
Yeah I'm that mom.......who doesn't photograph my child in the same outfit more than once.  Or at least post it on the internet twice.
Yeah I'm that mom.......who would be lost if I went to the mall and didn't have a toddler running around the dressing room with me.
Yeah I'm that mom........who doesn't like advice on parenthood unless I ask.  Theres a good chance I won't.  I don't care what you did with your kids way back when and they are fine today or this is how we do it at our house.
Yeah I'm that mom........who believes everything the doctor tells me and goes by everything they say and when to do it.
Yeah I'm that mom........just like all other moms out there.  Doing it my way!  I don't judge you so dont judge me.


Misty said...

You're that mom...thats the second best mom ever...OTHER than our mother!!

Girlie | Digital Room said...

Your little darling looks so cute and adorable! Thanks for sharing this with us. Now, we all know what kind of mom you are.=)

Krissy said...

Wow, you sound just like me! I'm "That Mom" too.