Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cleanin' up and shoppin'

Once again Bailey is following in her mommas steps.  She is taking a paper towel and cleaning up the water on the floor from the dogs.  I just throw one down and use my foot to wipe it up.  Well of course she has to do the same thing.  I find it so funny how much she picks up on what we do. 

She is always in the bathroom with me while I am getting ready.  So of course she picks up on the things I do in there too.  She loves to go get the deodorant and lift her shirt up and act like she is putting it on. 

On to halloween....I am definatly pushing it to the end to get a costume for Bailey.  I have been searching online and everywhere trying to find the perfect one and can not come up with one.  While we were at the mall we did get Bailey her new coat from Gap.  Isn't it the cutest thing ever??  We never bought one last because I found it to hard to put her in a small baby carrier with a bulky coat on. So we always just put warm clothes on her and then a big blanket on top.  It worked like a charm.

I talked about taking a toddler grocery shopping a few days ago on here.   Well we were out of lots of things yesterday and so we ventured out to the store.  We hadn't had milk for like 2 days so I had to get some for Bailey.  As soon as I put it in the buggy she throws a fit and wanted some.  She loves it so much and she only had water in her sippy cup.  So of course I walk over to subway in walmart use there softdrink machine to pour the water out.  Open the brand new carton of milk and pour it into the sippy cup.  Then we continue shopping.......and of course its not a walmart trip without an open bag of goldfish.   Its just like when we go to target we have to get a popcorn and a drink!!!!

By the way if you love drinking pepsi and looking for a good deal.  Walmart has their 12 pack of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Mountain Dew on sale for $1.98!!!!!!  Thats a great deal!!


CityGirl GoneCountry said...

Ya know kids are so cute....they learn from us and i remember when mine were little they would follow things from loving to vacum because mom was doing it....just the little things. Thanks forsharing and oh....I love the coat:)

Tracie said...

So cute!! It is precious to see daughters wanting to be just like mommy. My daughter did the deodorant thing so much that I finally bought her her own. She loves to go in the bathroom every morning and put it on. (Of course then she comes out and sticks her armpit in her dad's face and says "Smell", so it is fun for me too!!)

Xenia said...

Toddlers are crazy! My daughter would have an open bag of goldfish in EVERY store if I let her.

Following you from MBC's Friends group...

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Seeing her clean up is too cute. My kids love to clean up their spills too but I haven't seen them use their feet to do so!

Love the coat, looks so comfy and warm!