Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun at the park.

Like I said earlier we tried to take some family pictures while Jason's family was in town but it didn't really happen.  We ran in to plumbing problems and it forced us to stay inside until it was fixed.  (I refuse to go anywhere without a shower.  I don't have to get completley ready just shower.)  Anyways we went to the school down the street right before they left and tried to at least get a few pictures outside. I caught a few pictures while there.  We will have to get better ones next time.  Now just to get the rest of the families!

Its always fun when Daddy goes down the slide!

Aunt Eashy (Ana-Leisha) helping B down the slide.

I wanna go swing!!

Daddy pushing B in the swing.

This thing was the neatest thing.  Its like a zipline.  We all had our turn on this thing.  Who says playgrounds are only for kids???

While playing at the park a train went by.  We had to sit and watch the choochoo go by for a minute.

Look guys a choochoo!

4 Generations

Bailey and her Nanny

Bailey and Gam


Meg said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! Such lovely photos!

**Nicole** said...

What cute pictures!!! Your daughter is a doll :D