Sunday, December 28, 2008


Christmas morning

Bailey and her presents!

singing into her new karaoke machine

After a rough day of opening presents!
In her first pair of jeans!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Some of these are pictures we had done at Sears and some are the ones i did around the house! Enjoy! Have a Happy Holiday!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Complaining for fun!!

Here are a few new pics! As you can tell she has a bow in her hair in all the new pics. That is because everyone thinks she is a boy. How can a cute little face like that look like a boy??? We were out one day and she had a pink and grey striped shirt on that said 100% baby girl and a lady said awwww is your little boy teething!! Im thinking of writing a book on what not to say about babies or mothers! Like when I took Bailey to her first doctor appointment and I had the carseat facing the other way and a lady said "oh it looks like your having another one" Bailey was 2 days old!!!!!!!!!! My advice to all....Dont ever assume someone is pregnant even if you think 99% they are! Dont make yourself look stupid! Also dont comment on the sex of babies because to me it kinda hurts my feelings haha! While we are on the subject of complaining.....I know my child is the cutest thing ever and everyone feels the need to touch her and talk to her!! TALK and thats it to strange babies! I have had so many people touch her in public that i dont know and think its the most disgusting thing ever! Ok if you would like any other tips from me just let me know!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween! These are pics that my sister took pretending to be a photographer!! Then I played around with some and touched them up! Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sitting up in the bathtub!

Eating an apple in a pacifier thingy!!

After eating the apple! The dirtiest she has ever been! ahhhhh
eating peas

peas all over her face

eating cereal! can you tell she doesnt like the cereal!

Happy Halloween!! Ladybug!

she loves her new high chair!

checking her emails on moms phone!

playing with her cousin Jamie

Uhh mom enough with the camera im playing!

AFter her 4 month shots! poor baby!

after shots!!!
Well these are the updates of what she has been doing recently. At her 4 month appt she weighed 12lbs 10ozs and was 24 inches long!!She is starting on food now she should be interesting! She is also starting to teethe! Not fun for mom because she is up every hour through the night. She also doesnt go to bed until 11 or 12!! Lucky for dad he has to work and we dont make him get up as much! But she throws fits so loud at night it wakes him up...opps sorry! Did I also mention she usually only takes 2 30minute naps during the day??? yeah no sleep for anyone!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailey 4Months old

Bailey getting ready to take a bath!
After her bath!
She has almost figured out she had feet down there.....
Playing with her train at mama nettes house.....

Doing some belly time....
She loves her excersaucer.......
Did you know she already knows how to read...what a smart kid!
She was napping and her legs got stuck in the wholes to the blanket...
Getting ready to go shopping with mom and dad!
Well Miss Bailey is definatly growing up fast!! There are so many new things it seems like she can do. She laughs out loud at people and is smiling all the time. She is blowing bubbles and drooling everywhere. Everything goes into her mouth now and she will even talk to you. She has not completly learned to sit on her own but she is almost there. She hates to be laying down now she loves to be sitting up and seeing whats going on. We bought a chest carrier to put her in when shopping because she hates the carseat now. She screams now in the car when we put her in there and while shopping she will scoot herself the to bottom of it...very nosy girl~!
We have all kinds of fall and winter clothes for her that are 3-6 months but they are all too big for her. Which in a way is good because if I had my way I would keep her this size. But she has so many clothes that she could be wearing. She is 4 months and is still in 0-3 months. I have gotten to the point where I am very picky about her clothes...but then again if you know me I'm the same way! Well thats it for now, we go to her 4month check up tomorrow and she gets her shots! Yeah not a good day for me haha! Well her either but I think I take it harder than she does.

Video of Bailey laughing

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Catching up

Ok Our camera has not been cooperating with me recently. I just got it to work today so that is why we have not had any new pictures up. Bailey is doing great! She is growing up so fast! I can not believe how fast she is growing out of clothes! We have been going through her closet and dresser and have had to empty so many clothes out because she doesnt fit in them anymore. She isnt really getting chunkier but she is getting longer! A lot of her clothes that have feet in them fit her fine expect her legs are too long! I guess she gets that after me because I am so tall! haha! Oh by the way check out the shoes in the the picture below! They are her first pair of tennis shoes! How cute are they? They are keds and she absolutly looks adorable in them!