Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guess what

we are doing today?????

21 months 024 21 months 023

Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Getaway

WOW! How are you all? Have you missed me?  I have been trying to catch up with everyone's blogs and trying to post about our trip.  I have been so exhausted from our trip it hurts my eyes to look at the computer screen.  We all know I have to be really tired because I am always checking something on here like emails, facebook, others blogs, and now twitter. (You can follow me here.)  If you don't have much time you may want to come back because this could get long.
 20th month 24420th month 245

We left Thursday afternoon and flew out of Charleston.  I was really nervous about flying because I had only done it once before.  Within the last month there have been two planes out of Charleston that had to put there "E" brake on before they went over the mountain because something went wrong with the planes.  Then we get our bags checked and walk through and see a plane crash on the TV.  I was totally freaking out!  Then we watch more and it was some man that actually crashed the plane on purpose.  We board our plane and wait for everything to get a movin'.  We start going faster and faster and then up we go.  I am holding Jason's arm so bad and have the worst sweaty palms ever (well I was sweating from every pore I think.)  As I am doing this Bailey is laughing saying WHEEEEEEE!  So she enjoyed it more that I did. 

20th month 252

20th month 254

20th month 255

Once we finally get to Lafayette I felt so much better being on land!  We had to run to Target to get a few things we forgot and then headed back to Lindsey and Ray's house.  We made some burgers and hung out talking and checked out their new house. 

20th month 257

Don’t you just love her kitchen?  They just finished this house in October.

20th month 259

I love how open it is.  I want a house like this very very soon!

Friday we got up and went shopping to all the little boutiques around town.  It was just nice to go shopping at places we don't have here.  We found lots of good deals.  Well I am pretty sure the only things we bought were for Bailey.  We couldn't shop that much because we were flying, but trust me I bought my fair share of clothes. The weather was so nice that we got to play outside of awhile.  It was also nice that they had a big flat backyard for Bailey to run in.  She loved being out there.

20th month 279-1

20th month 283-1

20th month 281-1

They even have a TV out on their patio.  Jason wants one of these really soon!

20th month 285-1

She wore her dogs out by chasing them all weekend.

That evening we went to a restaurant called Blue Dog.  I had never heard of it but the guy who owns it is a very famous artist known for his paintings of a blue dog.  It was very neat to have food that we cannot get around here.  The food is also a lot spicier than here.

20th month 289-1

Saturday we went to lunch at a little Maw and Paw store.  It was called Old Tyme Grocery.  They are famous for their Po' Boys.  They are just hoagie sandwiches with anything you want on them.  They made me try fried shrimp and it was the most amazing thing ever.  I should have gotten a picture of the sandwich, but didn't think to. 

20th month 292-1

20th month 293-1

20th month 301-1

 20th month 313-1

 20th month 314-1

Afterwards we went to the zoo.  It was the highlight of Baileys weekend.  She loved everything about looking at the animals.  She loved the monkeys.  She laughed and pointed at them and was so interested in all of the animals.  I can't wait to take her to a bigger zoo.  (We are thinking of taking her to Cincinnati Zoo because it is pretty close and we have friends there.)
20th month 319-1

20th month 329-1

20th month 365-1

20th month 373-1

20th month 395-1

Then that evening we went to the dinner they had been so excited to take us to.  CRAWFISH!

20th month 414-1

I was so scared to get them because I didn't know if I would like them.  I like a few seafood things but not that many.  I went ahead and just order them in hopes they would be good.  It was weird because they said you make your own dipping sauce for them.   You mix ketchup, mayo, horseradish sauce, garlic sauce, and a few hot sauces. 

20th month 404-1

I went ahead and made some mixture I thought would be good, but ended up not using it.  They had such a good flavor to them I didn't need it.  I will say that it was a lot of hard work for what little meat you get. (I thought crab legs were a lot of work.)

20th month 413-1 20th month 416-1

20th month 415-1 
Bailey even liked them, but didn't eat that much because she found something else that she REALLY liked.  BUTTER!  She was dipping her crackers in it and it didn't seem to be enough.  She started taking the small thing of butter and licking it clean.

20th month 408-1

20th month 409-1

20th month 410-1

We had all intentions of going shopping afterwards but Bailey wasn't up for it.  She got really cranky so we sent her home with the boys and Lindsey and I went shopping for awhile.  That is when I found all kids of good deals and bought the cutest spring clothes.  Best of all I found a new favorite store!  Dillard's.  We don't have one here and when we go other places to shop I never went into one until then.  Lindsey made me check it out and told me she loves shopping their and I soon became a huge fan!  I bought Baileys birthday outfit for her and it has to be the cutest outfit I have ever seen.  Now we only have 3 months to plan the party!

20th month 426-1

I drank a lot of Starbucks because if I want it here I have to go to the hospital or the mall to get some.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tweet Tweet

Alright ladies!  Once again I am on here playing around and not packing!  Well I have an excuse, both kids are sleeping so I have to be quiet.  I have been reading that so many people are on twitter and thought I would give it a try.  I had one before and didn't really do anything with it.  So I am going to try again.  I can not promise I will learn how to do it, but I am trying!  You can see my twitter account on the left side of my page.  Scroll down a little bit, click on my name, and FOLLOW ME!!!!! Ok back to getting things together!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost trip time

We are leaving for Lafeyette on Thursday and I haven't packed a thing.  I do this everytime.  WHY?  I am a procrastinator and I am not scared to admit it.  I always wait until the day before to start packing anything.  Then I stress that I could possible forget something.  I am stressing even more because we are flying this time with Bailey.  I just hope she sits and enjoys the ride with all the new toys we bought her.

Jason has been out of town since yesterday and doesn't come home until tomorrow.  So we have had total girl time!  Bailey woke up last night around 10 screaming and crying (this has been happening a lot recently and we dont know why.)  I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to listen to her cry on and off so I just brought her into bed with me.  We really don't ever do that so fingers crossed she doesn't get into the habit of it.  We slept in til 8:30 and just layed around all day.  Bailey got to pick what we had for dinner and it was Cocoa Pebbles rice crispy treats and chicken flavored insant rice and one hershey kiss.  That is something else we don't do much is let Bailey eat lots of junk food!  But it was a mommy and me day so why not? I'm the boss...or is she the boss?

Monday, February 15, 2010

I want....

I want to feel the grass between my toes.

I want to feel the sun hit my body and turn it a nice shade of TAN.
I want sand under my feet, in my bag, in my car, on my water bottle, in the cooler, and every other crevice of anything I own.

I want to wear flips flops.
I want to walk outside without a coat, blanket, or hat for BB.

I want to take lots and lots and lots of pictures outside.
I want to feel the cold water splash against me while Bailey plays in the pool.

I want a warm vacation with just my 2 favorite people with all of the above. 
Is this too many I WANTS?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

She loves him

She loves her "Daa EEE"
He does NO wrong.
She loves her "Daa EEE"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Food is Yuck

This is about how I feel about right now!
Bailey used to eat lunches and dinners like this.  Do you want to know what she eats noww?  Nothing!!!  She is not into this new phase that she doesn't want to eat hardly anything.  She puts stuff in her mouth and pulls it out and says YUCK!  This is the child that used to eat everything.  I mean everything..well everything but brussel sprouts.  Do you blame her?  She doesn't even eat a whole cupcake anymore.  The only thing she eats a lot of is dry cereal.  From what I have read that kids go through this phase and she will eat when shes hungry.  But is sure is annoying that I make her something for every meal because she says she wants to eat and then she doesn't.

Our trip to Lousianna is coming up next week and I am getting a little freaked out about it.  Jason flies all the time for work.  I have only flown once before and then theres Bailey who has never been on a plane before.  I am getting worried how she is going to act on the plane.  How do you keep a small one entertained on your lap for that long?  What if she freaks out and I am "that mom with the crying kid?"  I am asking for any tips for flying with a 1 1/2 years old? 

Is this kid full of herself or what??  And yes we still have our PJ's on at lunchtime!