Thursday, May 27, 2010

First day of being a...

TWO YEAR OLD!!!!My My...Where has the time gone?? 
Dear Bailey,
     I can not believe my sweet baby girl is two years old today!  The memory of laying in the hospital having you is still so fresh in my memory.  I honestly remember everything as if it were yesterday.  You have been the easiest baby even before you were born.  (I would like to thank you for making labor and delivery so easy and only making  me push for 25 minutes. You probably were just really excited to meet me! Understandable.)  Anyways, you have turned our world upside down.  Just the thought of your smile brings a tear to my eye sometimes.  When you are cracking up at the silliest things I just want to cry and wish you understood how much you mean to me.  Right now you are talking up a storm about anything and everything.  You love people, but at the time you are very shy at first.  You will run towards one of us as soon as someone new walks in the room and hide.  You love Mickey and Minnie,  Elmo, and all things baby.  You are such a little momma.  You feel the need to help take care of all babies and kids you play with.  You are also sleeping in a big girl bed for two nights so far!!  We will talk more about that later!

Today we gave you one of your presents so you could get something on your actual birthday.  You have talked about a wagon for weeks now. The little girl out back has one and its all you talk about it after you play with it or see it.

I started taking pictures this morning and decided to take them through out the day so you knew what you were doing on your 2nd birthday!

As soon as you saw we had a wagon we had to take it for a drive.  Here you are crying because instead of walking at first I had to snap a picture.
We went on two walks in the wagon before 10:00.
Once again you being the mother hen and making Jackson put his seatbelt on.
You had grilled cheese for lunch.

As soon as lunch was over we put our suits on and headed out to the pool.
You love to play with the spray bottle.
Even drink from it!
You are such a beautiful little girl and I can't wait to see you the young lady you grow into.
 You then made daddy take you for a walk on his lunch.
For dinner we went to a little icecream joint and got yummy milkshakes and dinner.

Then you got really hyper on the way home.
We stopped at Mamaw and Papaws for a minute and you had a snack and cracked up at Papaw.

We then came home and you insisted you needed to play in the pool again!  Then we went for a really long wagon walk and are sitting here having a snack before bed!

I hope you have enjoyed your birthday!!!!  Mommy and Daddy love you with all our hearts! 

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just swingin'....

Well we are almost to the big day!  Bailey's big 2nd birthday!!!!  I can not believe we are about to celebrate her turning two, I feel like she is still a baby!  We have so much to do to get ready for her party this weekend.  The most important thing we had to get together before the party was this thing!
Nope not a ladder! But the ladder is a very important part!
Bailey helping Daddy build, but has no clue what it is.
Here Dad I will watch and you do the work!  Papaw came and helped  but I didn't have my camera out the whole time. Then we were too busy inside making decorations for the party and food for everyone to eat.  And here is the greatest present of all.......
The directions say that the assembly of this is 8-10 hours.  I didn't believe it!  Well believe it...they were putting final touches on it and it was almost dark out!  PS the house still needs a roof so technically its still not finished!
That's Bailey telling her Daddy she can do it herself.  And that she can!!
She talks about this thing all the time now.  Well for the whole 3 days its been together.
Showing Daddy her picnic table that she ate cookies at earlier!!
We still haven't figured out who likes it better!!  But I will say this kid loves to go to Mamaw and Papaws house.  Every time I say lets get ready she says "Mamaw's house?"  Well last night we were going to run over there while Jason took a ladder back and once she saw the slide she chose it over going to see them.

Mamaw Eskew bought this for her!!  We thank you so much for getting so a wonderful present!  It is definitely the best present that will keep the excitement coming for years to come!  Thanks Mamaw!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

One spoiled dog lives here......

My sister got a chihuahua, Baby Girl, back in December of 2007.  I could go into details about the life of Baby Girl, but its nothing compared to some of the stories I am about to share.  My sister moved in with my parents a little over a year ago with the dog.  Since my mom for the most part is home all the time they were spending more time together than BG (Baby Girl) and Misty.  Honestly, I am not sure who is more attached to who when it comes to my mom and this dog!!!  Anyways, we are always giving my mom a hard time with how she treats this dog so I thought you might enjoy some of these stories as well.

The dog sleeps with my mom everynight.  When my sister wakes up she goes upstairs and lays in my moms bed for a few with BG.  My sister is really hyper all the time.  My mom yells at her because "Baby Girl just woke and its too early to play."

She claims the dog doesn't like to eat as soon as she gets up because "its too early."

One morning my mom woke my sister up because she had to go somewhere early and told her, "Misty make sure you get BG up and tell her her food is in her bowl."  Don't all dogs know where their food is???  My sister did not show her and my mom seriously yelled at my sister for it.  She knew because the dog was too lazy to jump off the bed and the food was still in the bowl.

The dog will only stand on carpet to eat her food.  If there is no carpet available she has to be hand fed.  When she does eat from a bowl she has to have "gravy" aka warm water mixed with her food.

If the dog stands there and doesn't want to walk back up the stairs my mom will go get her.  The same thing goes for jumping on anything, my mom would rather lift her so doesn't have to jump.

The word BATH has to be spelled out because "the dog gets scared."

If everyone leaves the house they have to lay blankets down so she has a comfy place to sleep.  The curtains have to be pulled open so she can  see outside.  They also leave the TV on in case she wants to watch it.

If my mom takes her somewhere and its cold out she has a special "pink blanky" she wraps her in because she gets cold.  Aren't dogs supposed to be able to handle the cold?? I thought so!!

If it snows my parents will shovel a small area in their yard so she doesnt have to walk in the snow!!

If its raining too hard my mom will take an umbrella outside when she has to potty.

The other day I asked my mom to come early to babysit so I could get ready without chasing Bailey around.  Her answer was "Well let me wait til Misty gets home so she can feed BG and she isn't home alone."

My parents are great parents, but I am beginning to think I would rather be their dog than daughter!!

Dear Baby Girl,
     I am jealous of your lifstyle!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Children are so life changing

Do you ever sit and wonder what you did before you had children?  I do all the time and think how funny it is how having a child can change your life in so many ways.  Don't get me wrong I love my life as a mommy and would never go back to the old days, but it sure is nice to reminisce of those fun times.
Jason and I lived in VA beach for about 2 1/2 years.  Our apartment was about 10 minutes from the oceanfront.  We normally didn't go down there because it was always crowded.  We went to a small beach called "Chick's Beach." (The spelling could be wrong)  We would get our cooler and head over to the grocery store.  There we would get all necessities for a long day at the beach: water, magazine or two, beer, bread, lunch meat, and a bag of chips. We would sit at the beach, just the two of us, and drink beer and just enjoy each other and of course soak up the sun.
On days it was cloudy or cold we would lay around the apartment.  We would blow up the air mattress and watch any type of marathon that was on TV that day or lifetime movies.  They were lazy and uninterrupted days.
If we were traveling somewhere for the weekend it was so easy.  I could pack Thursday night for a weekend trip and not forget a thing.  Where ever we were going we would meet up with friends and hang out until the wee hours of the morning.  Our biggest worry was if the dogs were OK staying wherever we were. Oh yeah the other worry was that we weren't too hung over to drive back home.
I remember when we could go shopping for what we wanted and get it and leave.  There was no getting the stroller out of the car, making sure we had diapers and wipes, a bottle and formula or the sippy cup . Don't forget the snacks to help ya get through the trip without being asked a millions times if they can get out!
That brings me to my purse.  I have always carried a large purse.  It has always been full at all times.  Right now it is full with my wallet, change purse, cell phone, diapers, toys, wipes, sippy cup, a smashed cereal bar, and goldfish crumbs at the bottom. Honestly, I have no clue what I carried before to make is so heavy and full before.
I remember we were sitting at the apartment the Christmas before we got married.  We didn't go to either of our home states that year to visit, but I don't remember why.  We were having a conversation about how bored we were and it didn't feel like Christmas.  I said, "Think of how much fun it would be if we had a kid running around and a bunch of toys." 

Well here we are with our weekends full of chasing around a little girl with no TV besides Elmo and Mickey. I even tape things on the DVR and forget to watch them or just don't have time. If we have the air mattress out its for jumping and flipping on.
 If we travel I start a week before just so I don't forget anything.
I spend more money shopping because I get so sidetracked (ooops).
Our Christmas morning is full of toys and smiles with just the 3 of us!!!
I wouldn't have it any other way!!! 
Oh yeah if your hungry just check the bottom of my purse there's always something there!!!

YES my windows are always that that dirty please ignore.  They the pefect height for little fingers to touch all day long.  Doesn't matter how often I clean them!  I always say they are the best entertainment in the house!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunny and good deals weekends!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!  We sure did!  It was nice all weekend and we got all kinds of goodies.  At the beginning of the week I got a phone call from our speech therapist saying that her friend was getting rid of old kids toys and asked if we were interested in a water/sand table.  Of course I said yes.  We went and picked it up Friday evening.  Bailey insisted on playing in it as soon as we got home so we let her get soaken wet on the back porch (it was raining too) and then come in. 

We got up Saturday and went to a bunch of yard sales.  I have never found much at yard sales before, but for some reason was just in the mood to go.  I am so weird about using other peoples things for some reason.  We found great deals all day long. 

The first one we went to we bought a toddler swing, little swimmers (unopened), 3 canning jars, 2 childrens books, an alligator raft, and water wingys all for $3.75.  I thought we would have paid more than that just for the swing.

Another one we went to was a parking lot sale and we found a wooden rocking horse for $3.  I would have never bought a rocking horse on a normal day.  But when I asked her how much it was how could you not buy it???

I have wanted a bicycle for awhile now, but just didn't want to pay a lot of money for it and then end up not riding it.  We pulled up to another one and they had a really nice mountain bike sitting there.  I asked how much they wanted for it and they said "Well we just lowered it to $15 dollars but I will give it to you for $10."  How do you pass that up????  There were a few scratches on it and the kicked stand needs fixed, but other than that it looked perfect.

After that we came home and got the baby pool out and played all afternoon.

Sunday, Jason had a baseball game.  It was his very first game of the season due to the rain we have had.  It was another really nice day.  It was nice to be outside again and let Bailey run around with a bunch of kids.  I didn't take my camera because I didn't want to leave it sitting around and chase Bailey at the same time.  I am taking back up next time to help chase her around and I will get some pictures.

Now we are sitting here on this rainy Monday!  At least the weekend was nice.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Sunshine,

Dear Sunshine,  We miss you!! 

We want to play in the pool again!
Our smiles are bigger when we get to play outside!
We have waited through a long and snowy winter for this!!
We don't care how much sunscreen we have to wear!!
Or how cold the water is!!
We just want to spend time with friends.....
in the POOL!!! So rain rain go AWAY!!!!