Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you think of....

When you see this???  This bed screams...A good nights rest!!!! (Or naptime)

(I found this picture online and its from the movie The Holiday)

We have a queen size bed and to some that may seem like plenty of room.  Now that Jason has been traveling so much I get the bed to myself A LOT!  I really dont like being home alone because I jump at every sound, but at least I am comfy and have plenty of room while jumpy.  I seriously starting asking for a king size bed for the extra space.  Or I will kindly ask "Do you want to go sleep in the spare room?"  I never get the answer I am looking for!  So last night I came up with a solution.....we will just get rid of the nightstands and add a twin bed for him!!  Wow that sounds like a fabulous idea!

I just notice that when I sleep alone my back doesn't hurt, my neck doesnt have kinks, and I feel rested!  Alright I will stop complaining about the things I can't change! Oh yeah I love my husband too!!


**Nicole** said...

LoL, I can totally relate! :) I sleep SO good when my hubby isn't home because I can spread all the way out (he's 6'7" and to fit into our queen he has to squish himself up and take up the whole bed) but on the other hand I don't sleep good because I'm all jumpy and lonely....ah the dilemma!

Tracie said...

I know exactly what you 6'1, my husband fills up the bed when he is here, and when he isn't I get to stretch out and sleep well. We have found that the only way to make it work is to have a king size, otherwise it is the spare bedroom for one of us (usually me moving late at night because I can't get comfortable!)