Friday, October 2, 2009

Whats Bailey doing???

Bailey is starting to remind me of a baby genius! (At least in our eyes she is.) She turned  16 months old just a few days ago. 

  • We have been working with her on her body parts and she can point out her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, belly button, toes, and fingers. 
  • I put her in down for a nap yesterday she kept playing and playing.  So I went up there to tell her she needed to lay down it was nap time, I realized she had taken her shirt off halfways.  When did she learn to undress herself????? 
  • Shes very good and listening to directions.  If you say go get me your book she can bring you a book.  You say go get me your baby she will get a babydoll or whatever else you ask her to get and she will get it. She is also very good at not listening though.  She knows when she is doing something wrong or about to do something wrong because she will walk over there and stare at us like can I get away with this?? 
  • She has also started walking up to people and taking her hands like she is tickling and says tickle tickle tickle...well shes actually saying tinkatinkatinka.  
  • She is also starting to want to help in the kitchen to make things.  Well I just think she likes to make a mess in anything she can get her hands in. 

We have a very big weekend ahead.  It is Marshall homecoming and the pumpkin festival is going on....hopefully we will get lots of pictures to show off!!

She has a new thing with playing in our bed.  She thinks its the coolest thing...she plays, crawls off one side, walks around, and then wants back up on the other.

Here she is helping make a pizza for dinner. 

Yes she totally took a piece of peperoni dipped it in the sauce would lick it and dip it again.  I promise if I were cooking for someone else I would not let her do that to your food!

Sprinkling the cheese on the pizza. Her favorite you can tell theres tons of cheese.

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rachel.lyn said...

what a BEAUTIFUL baby you have!