Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!!!  Today is actually the normal day for most kids to go trick-or-treating.  Well not where we live.  We had trick-or-treat on Thursday...yes THURSDAY.  You know what the significance to Thursday was don't you???????  Nothing....just a random day they decided to have trick-or-treating for the little ones. 

The evening started out really rushed and complaining and scarfing food down my throat just to walk out the door.  Wondering why huh??  Well I was working on my big project. Hint hint!!

 I told J I was working on this until he got off work and then I was hopping in the shower and he could put a frozen pizza in the oven.  They could eat while I was getting ready and I would just eat walking out the door.  Well he came upstairs getting off work 3 min early haha!  (He works from home in case you were wondering)  Then his phone rings.  So he goes  back downstairs to call a customer back.  That took about 15 more minutes.  Well if I was smart I would have started to clean up my mess and be ready to take a shower when he came up....Guess I'm not smart.  I was trying to get as much done on it as possible.  Bailey was being quiet and letting me work so I just kept working along.   Guess I should have kept an eye on her because this is what she was doing...playing in the dog water. But hey I got some of my project done!

  Anyways he comes back up, I clean up the mess, and head for the shower.  I shower, partly dry my hair, and get ready in 25 minutes...YES 25 MINUTES.  Then I still have to get Bailey in her costume.  Jason was trying to get everything together, but he doesn't know where everything is.  So I am trying to help him get things out and eat pizza at the same time.  Did I mention when one of us is being rushed there are always some fighting words exchanged because one of us is in a bad mood.  So my thoughts were like ohh great we are going to bicker the whole evening.  We leave the house and Bailey isn't to sure of her costume.  Shes trying to pull it off already and we haven't left the yard.  Great cranky parents + cranky baby doesnt equal a fun evening.

When she realized she was actually going on a walk she didn't care too much about the costume.  She got excited so the evening became a little bit better.  We got over our problems because it was so cute to see how excited she was we couldn't help but have fun.

At first she didn't walk up to peoples house to get candy she just played in the street and laughed at all the kids.  We walked past about 5 houses and she decided to walk up the driveway with some other kids.
She realized she was getting candy and loved it.  Everytime we told her to say "Thank you" she blew them a kiss.   She wouldn't let us help her carry her pumpkin at all.  She walked the whole neighborhood carrying her bucket.  We had to get a plastic bag to put some of the candy in so it wouldn't be so heavy for her.

She saw this little boy and walked up to see him and then tried to take some candy out of his pumpkin.

Once she got the hang of the whole thing she was asking for more and taking it from everyone.  She had the neighbors falling in love with her.  They were all cracking up at her because she was such a busy bumblebee.

Then we come across a little princess that she fell in love with.  As she is sitting there admiring this little girl she starts hacking her lungs up.  Her mom proceeds to tell us she has been sick all week and not in school.  **Ok I understand kids get dissappointed if they can't go trick-or-treating.  I also understand she could have been on antibiotics and not contagious!  I don't even care she was out trick-or-treating.  But I feel like she should at least keep her away from other kids especially because of all the kids in our area that have swine flu.  Maybe I am just that germaphobe mom, but I just thought it was rude.  I don't let Bailey touch other babies younger than her just in case she could come in contact with swine flu.  I don't care how old you are its not fun to go through but its harder on little babies and their mommas!

Then we had to stop and check out the Tin man!  Isn't that the neatest thing.  His eyes are actually deer eyes.

We finally got home and the only way to let her take a picture was to give her a sucker.  She is crying because I tried to move her pumpkin from one hand to the other.  She thought I was trying to take it from her.

Enjoy your Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Falling behind....

It is early afternoon and this is the first time I have been on the computer all day.  Usually I feed Bailey and we come downstairs and I check emails and everything.  I have started a project that I have wanted to do for over a year now.  I started it first thing this morning and have been occupied with that.  I cant wait to finish it but it requires time and have to fit it in between naptimes with Bailey and Jackson (the little boy I babysit).    I cant wait to post the pictures of the finished project.  I know your sitting on the edge of your seat just dying to know what I could be doing.  We also have carved pumpkins which Bailey loved.  I have so many pictures I need to update on here

We have trick or treating this evening!!! Its the first time Bailey will get to go because she was too young last year.  I promise I will try and update more tomorrow with all the pictures and respond to everything!  Few more pictures from the other day!! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hunting and rearranging

Now that bow season has come thats all Jason wants to do is go hunting.  We live at a dead end street with nothing but woods at the top of the hill.  So its easy to go hunting for awhile in the evenings before dusk.  He headed up there last night as soon as he got off work, while me and Bailey just hung out at the house.  I have been having the itch to redecorate or do some things around the house, but seem to not have enough money to do the things I want. So we are sitting here bored and I am thinking what in the world can I get myself into.  I decide to rearrange the spare bedroom room. 

**My reasoning behind this....We have a small tv that sits on a stand in there.  Its the only tv in the house that isnt mounted on the wall.  AKA Bailey can reach it!!  She goes in there all the time and turns it on and off and pushes  all the buttons.  Very entertaining to her. She doesn't even sit still long enough to watch for longer than like 2 minutes. But likes it on anyways just in case a song comes on and she can dance.  The dresser that is in there has some of my things in it.  (aka undergarments)  She finds it amusing to pull them out and scatter them all over the place.  I find bras all over the house.  The best is where she puts  my socks.  I have the diaper genie sitting there waiting to be put in the attic.  Well she thinks its the new spot to stuff all my socks in.  So if I ever need to find a mate I just look in there.**

So I thought to myself why don't I try to make a small play area in there for her.  --I act like she doesn't have anywhere to play.  There are toys all over the dining room/living room area.  She has toys all over her room and not to mention the family room downstairs that looks like a small daycare.  Why not another room for her to play in??? Well my thoughts were the more rooms that have doors on them the less I have to clean if someone comes over.  I just throw them in the bedrooms and shut the door.

One of the many things taking up space in our family room.  For some reason Daisy decided to test it out one night.

Once I get in there I decide theres too much furniture in the room.  But really don't have any extra space through the house to put anything else.  So I rearrange the closet and move the chest in there. Then turn the bed around so theres more area for her to play.  So now there is one more room for Bailey to collect all of her toys and another room that has to be straightened. 

*I also did this while Jason wasn't here because he freaks out I will scratch the hardwood floors while moving furniture!  I mean HELLO  the TV in there entertains Bailey!  I will post pics later but by the time I finished it was time for her to go to bed and didn't want to drag the camera out.

Monday, October 26, 2009

First Blog Award

I was awarded my very first award by  I am so excited to receive this award.  Thanks for reading my blog and thinking its strong enough to get you going and help you make it through the day.  If you haven't check out her blog it is a must!!

I have to pass this award on other blogs that keep me going through the day and they are.

Check out these blogs. I find I take something different from each of them.  Hope you enjoy looking at them at much as I do.  Once again thanks for checking out my page and for all of the followers I have right now.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall in the Forest

Why oh why do the weekends have to end?  It seems as if the past few weekends we have had something going on.  It so nice to not to be on a schedule or have a million things to do.  We didn't do much at all this weekend.  Saturday was just one of those days where Jason let me sleep in....well he's pretty good at letting me do this almost every weekend.  Today we decided to go to Kanawha State Forest to try and get some more fall pictures.  Yeah I know I am way too obsessed with the camera.  The sun was really bright in some spots and it was really hard to get good pictures without it glaring in our face and making us squint or there just being a huge glare on the picture.  Oh well didn't stop me from snapping away.  Anyways here are some of the pictures.

This is the sign going into the National Forest.  Theres a glare because I was taking it from the car.

Ahhhh....Gotta love the mountains in West Virginia this time of year

This is my side  of the family...parents, sister, and grandma, plus hubby and baby

Up close......

4 Generations....Mamaw..Dad..Granddaughter..Great Granddaughter

Daddy and his babygirl walking

Watching Daddy swing

My family!!!

Playing in the leaves


My parents and sister...

Me and the Hubby

If I would take the time to learn how to use photoshop I may be able to do something cool with my pictures.  But I always seem to have something better going on to do that.  Enjoy.  There are tons more I will post them later.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine or not???

First I would like to thank all of my new followers.  I started blogging in April 2008 to keep family members and friends  in the know with my pregnancy and of course see all of the pictures of the baby once she was born.  I would only post every once in awhile when I had the time.  Recently I got into looking at other peoples blogs and found its really nice to see other moms going through the same thing or get creative ideas for around the house.  Thank you all for posting such great blogs for others to read!!

I was sitting here on facebook earlier and reading friends updates and it seems as if everyone other person has a sick kid.  It is actually starting to freak me out a little bit.  Bailey got her flu shot at her 15 month checkup, but obviously not the swine flu shot becauase they aren't in at our pediatricians office.  I keep calling and asking if they know anything about when they are coming in and they still don't after 2 months of waiting.  I really want to get the shot but I also hear so much controversy over it too.  That is also scaring me a little.  People keep saying that it came out so soon, they might not help anyways, and all other excuses.  I was wondering what all others are doing about the vaccine???  Are you going to get it for your kiddies or not?? 

Have a nice and relaxing weekend!  Can't wait to hear your opinions!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cleanin' up and shoppin'

Once again Bailey is following in her mommas steps.  She is taking a paper towel and cleaning up the water on the floor from the dogs.  I just throw one down and use my foot to wipe it up.  Well of course she has to do the same thing.  I find it so funny how much she picks up on what we do. 

She is always in the bathroom with me while I am getting ready.  So of course she picks up on the things I do in there too.  She loves to go get the deodorant and lift her shirt up and act like she is putting it on. 

On to halloween....I am definatly pushing it to the end to get a costume for Bailey.  I have been searching online and everywhere trying to find the perfect one and can not come up with one.  While we were at the mall we did get Bailey her new coat from Gap.  Isn't it the cutest thing ever??  We never bought one last because I found it to hard to put her in a small baby carrier with a bulky coat on. So we always just put warm clothes on her and then a big blanket on top.  It worked like a charm.

I talked about taking a toddler grocery shopping a few days ago on here.   Well we were out of lots of things yesterday and so we ventured out to the store.  We hadn't had milk for like 2 days so I had to get some for Bailey.  As soon as I put it in the buggy she throws a fit and wanted some.  She loves it so much and she only had water in her sippy cup.  So of course I walk over to subway in walmart use there softdrink machine to pour the water out.  Open the brand new carton of milk and pour it into the sippy cup.  Then we continue shopping.......and of course its not a walmart trip without an open bag of goldfish.   Its just like when we go to target we have to get a popcorn and a drink!!!!

By the way if you love drinking pepsi and looking for a good deal.  Walmart has their 12 pack of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Mountain Dew on sale for $1.98!!!!!!  Thats a great deal!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shrew becomes a Worley

So we had a Mommas day out Saturday.  One of our friends got married this past Saturday so it was like a little reunion for all of us girls to get together.  She had it at a small place she had always dreamed of having it since she was a little girl.  So that meant she didn't invite husbands, it was definately girls night out. 
The wedding was at 2 and then the reception didn't start until 6.  Lets just say there was a lot of spare time in between.  I am not really sure why it was setup this way but hey it wasn't my wedding.  Lets just say there was a lot of sitting at the bar in the hotel.

Saturday was the big WVU/MU game.  They are the states two big college rivals.  GO HERD! They lost...too bad! :(  So we sat and watched the game, socialized, and more importantly drank!!

Look how pretty her dress was!!!!

A group of the girls on the dance floor taking time to stop for a picture.

This was our table at the reception.

Kristen is the name of the bride.  We call call her Shrew because her bestfriend, sidekick, partner in crime has the same name, Christin.  It was easier to just call them by their last names Shrewsbury and Parsons.  So they have always been known as Shrew and Par to everyone.  I have the same name issue.  Growing up I was friends with a girl name Kristi Smith.  So we were known as Eskew...SQ actually (my maiden name) and she was called Smitty (for Smith).  My friends still call me Eskew even though its not my last name anymore.  I don't even think twice about people calling me that because its just my name. You dont always see that a lot with girls.  Its mostly a guy thing that they go by their last name.  Not that you care to hear anything about that but I was explaning the meaning of the title of this post.

I would like to thank my friend Cheryl for taking these pictures.  I took my camera with good intentions of taking tons of pictures.  I took the small point and shoot camera instead of the SLR.  Well I took two pictures at the ceromony and realized  I can not deal with the slow shutter speed.  I used a small camera for years but once I started using a faster one I decided cant go back. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

A lazy day in the life of......

With all the chilly weather we have had recently I have been so lazy.  I am not a fan of cold weather lets face it.  Last week we didn't leave the house to go anywhere except to the mailbox.  The only thing cool about that was I got my pottery barn catalogs.  I have been trying to find things around the house to entertain Bailey because she loves to go outside and thats not an option right now.  I had all intentions of making cookies for halloween last week.  We got the stuff to make sugar cookies and to decorate them...when I say things I mean the premade cookie dough and a can of icing with some sprinkles.  I thought I had regular food coloring here to turn the icing orange but was wrong.  I only had fluoresant colors and they don't add up to be orange.  So we went with green and purple! So festive I know! Who cares about the colors when you get to make a mess and then eat it.

She decorated all these by herself.  With the help of me making sure she  didn't fall off of the chair.

Can't make all these cookies without testing them out.  Yes..... not only did the cookies have icing on them she had to dip them in the icing as well.

Another reason I realized I have been really lazy because I go into the laundry room to start a load of laundry because Jason needs some clothes for a trip and I realize we are almost out of detergent.  Yeah I know what your thinking....that doesn't make you lazy.  Well the lazy part is I dont remember using the detergent to do the laundry.  So I sit and think back hmmm I remember giving my mom money to get me some detergent because she was coming to my house the next day and I wasn't going anywhere.  So that means either my mom or Jason has done that much laundry to use all of the detergent.  Laundry is totally not my thing.....I don't do laundry until everything I own is dirty and by then I am hoping Jason has already done it.  I dont like to clean period but I keep my house pretty decent just not the laundry.

Ok well hopefully I will get out of this lazy mood so you will have something interesting to read about or at least pictures to look at.  I at least have to go buy some laundry detergent.