Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hunting and rearranging

Now that bow season has come thats all Jason wants to do is go hunting.  We live at a dead end street with nothing but woods at the top of the hill.  So its easy to go hunting for awhile in the evenings before dusk.  He headed up there last night as soon as he got off work, while me and Bailey just hung out at the house.  I have been having the itch to redecorate or do some things around the house, but seem to not have enough money to do the things I want. So we are sitting here bored and I am thinking what in the world can I get myself into.  I decide to rearrange the spare bedroom room. 

**My reasoning behind this....We have a small tv that sits on a stand in there.  Its the only tv in the house that isnt mounted on the wall.  AKA Bailey can reach it!!  She goes in there all the time and turns it on and off and pushes  all the buttons.  Very entertaining to her. She doesn't even sit still long enough to watch for longer than like 2 minutes. But likes it on anyways just in case a song comes on and she can dance.  The dresser that is in there has some of my things in it.  (aka undergarments)  She finds it amusing to pull them out and scatter them all over the place.  I find bras all over the house.  The best is where she puts  my socks.  I have the diaper genie sitting there waiting to be put in the attic.  Well she thinks its the new spot to stuff all my socks in.  So if I ever need to find a mate I just look in there.**

So I thought to myself why don't I try to make a small play area in there for her.  --I act like she doesn't have anywhere to play.  There are toys all over the dining room/living room area.  She has toys all over her room and not to mention the family room downstairs that looks like a small daycare.  Why not another room for her to play in??? Well my thoughts were the more rooms that have doors on them the less I have to clean if someone comes over.  I just throw them in the bedrooms and shut the door.

One of the many things taking up space in our family room.  For some reason Daisy decided to test it out one night.

Once I get in there I decide theres too much furniture in the room.  But really don't have any extra space through the house to put anything else.  So I rearrange the closet and move the chest in there. Then turn the bed around so theres more area for her to play.  So now there is one more room for Bailey to collect all of her toys and another room that has to be straightened. 

*I also did this while Jason wasn't here because he freaks out I will scratch the hardwood floors while moving furniture!  I mean HELLO  the TV in there entertains Bailey!  I will post pics later but by the time I finished it was time for her to go to bed and didn't want to drag the camera out.


Priscila said...

oh that picture of your dog is so cute! Makes me miss mine :(
You have such a beautiful blog and such a beautiful family!!!
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**Nicole** said...

LoL, gotta love toddlers getting into everything!!!

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JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from MBC!
Now following you...

Tracie said...

It can be like her special place...it might just lure a lot of her toys into there and save your living room :) Worth a try!!

Organize Your Life said...

I know what you mean about feeling like you just 'have' to move stuff around in the house sometimes. I do it often too - a woman's perogative I think!

Can make it feel like you have a whole new room!

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Trish said...

Just came across your blog. You have a beautiful family and take great pictures. tHE FALL LEAVES ARE JUST AMAZING!!!!

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