Monday, October 4, 2010

Im back!

I have been gone for awhile I know!  Life around here is a little hectic right now.  As we all know school started back, which means I am in full swing of babysitting.  I have two extra kids all day everyday, one is 13 months and the other is 16 months.  I also have another little boy that comes Tuesday and Thursday until noon and he is 22 months!  Did I mention that I have a two year old running around????  Lets just say my house is always a mess with toys, we have lots of screaming going on, and lots of time outs around here!!

My photography business is kinda crazy as well.  I didn't really think it would take off like this but it sure is keeping me busy.  It is a little overwhelming at times because I am with the kids all day and then either have a photoshoot in the evening or have to work on pictures.  I am a little overwhelmed at times and very sleepy!!! 

Bailey is growing up to be something else!  She talks ALL the time!  She talks back too!  Thats really great!  Some Bailey sayings:

She walked into the kitchen this weekend and looked at Jason and said "I wanna go shopping"  I taught her well!
She asks all the time "What chu doing?"
We were walking downstairs and looked at a pile of laundry and I asked her "will you do laundry for me?"  She replied with "I do laundry when I'm older"
Everytime you ask her if shes sleepy, or mad, or anything she replies..."NO I'm happy"

She has really gotten into playing with our phones.  It was a fight all day and evening for her to play games and watch videos on our phones.  So we decided to get her an IPOD touch!    She loves the thing.  She calls it her phone.  She knows how to go in and out of different games and play some of them better than me.  She can go into youtube and watch different videos.  The kid really amazes me with the things she can do on there.  It definatly was worth the money!