Monday, October 12, 2009

Shopping trick......

We had a good weekend with Jason's family in town.  We didn't do much but hang around the house and go shopping.  There isnt much else to do around here. 
On Friday Jason had to work so we just hung around the house and went to the mall that evening.  Bailey got a few outfits from her great grandma while shopping that night! (Always a plus!)  After that we got on the subject of shopping a lot.  I commented that I could make a whole day of shopping.  Don't get the wrong idea there....I don't blow tons of money on shopping.  As long as I bring something home I am happy about the trip.  It can be a $5 shirt for Bailey and I am satisfied just as long as its something new.  Then thats also where the grandparents come in.  Its one thing to go shopping with your parents or grandparents when you dont have babies.  But once you have a kid chaaaching!  They always want to buy the babies not only do I get to go shopping and get Bailey something NEW....I dont have to pay for it.  Thanks grandparents!!!  Anyone want to go shopping this week?? Hint hint!!!

We got up Saturday and were going to go out and take a picture of everyone together until Jason decided to shower and the whole plumbing system got backed up.  So that wasn't fixed til late afternoon and then we finally got to shower and headed out to shop a little bit more and had dinner. 

Guess what we bought????  POTTIES!!!!!  Plural because I wanted one for upstairs and downstairs bathrooms!  We are going to try and start potty training in the very near future.  Yeah I know your thinking..UHH don't you think its a little early???  Well maybe it is but we are trying to get her familiar with it and  ease her into.  I am not rushing into anything because I dont want to be dissappointed.  BUT she is showing a few signs that we need to start....I mean whats it going to hurt right??  She grabs her diaper when she either just pottied in it or is getting ready to.  She will take you to her room and point to diapers to tell you she needs a diaper change.   We will see how things go.

We didnt get to make it out Saturday for pictures, but got to take some right before they left.  I haven't uploaded them yet because my computer is on overload right now with pictures and something is making it randomly shut down.  So I promise I will get new pics uploaded ASAP!!

Wish I had  more to say or the energy to type.  For some reason the weekends have been jam packed with things and not enough time for naps.  IF you know me well....I nap at least 3 or 4 times a week when the kiddies do.  I haven't done that for awhile and doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon because Bailey isn't taking naps the same time as Jackson anymore.

Jackson...The phone is for you......

You dont want to talk to them????

I will!!

Does she not look like a teenager laying in bed talking to her friends???

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