Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anger Management

I always said I would have the most well behaved child ever.  I could control the temper tantrums when they happen.  I remember before having kids and  I would go shopping and hear that kid screaming I would always say "Geeez control your kid" under my breath. I also would think "Why dont you just leave?"  WOW have I learned a lot since being that mom.  We went shopping yesterday at the mall and then to Hobby Lobby.  They just put a Hobby Lobby in about 45 minutes from my house.  That is the main reason I chose to go to the mall that far away.  Once we got to Hobby Lobby Bailey was totally over the shopping experience.  Must have been a bad day for her because she usually shops all day with me and theres not a problem. 

Anyways, she did not want to sit in buggy.  I am talking screaming, crying, and trying to stand up in the buggy.  My mom finds me by the screams that are being belted out by some toddler aka my child.  I try my hardest to keep her in the stroller or the buggy because I shop a lot and dont want to get in the habit of having her want to run everywhere.  I keep shopping letting her throw her fit.  I give her her pacifier (which is only for the car and nightnight)  just to try to calm her.  She tosses it across the store.  I let her keep crying while trying to climb out again.  I hand her her sippy goes across the store.  Yes she is still crying.  I try to calm her down by carrying her for a minute and she wrestles with me to get down.  I refuse!!!  I put her back in the buggy.  I give her a book.  She throws it. 

My mom walks up and I am trying my hardest to entertain Bailey while shopping and she says "I thought you would be ready to leave by now" NOOOOO I didn't drive 45 minutes to come to Hobby Lobby to let my child throw a fit and make me leave.  We shopped there for at least an hour.  She was fine after about 15 minutes of a meltdown.  My theory is she has to know who the boss is and that throwing those fits aren't going to make her the boss. 

We got home yesterday evening and she is fine. She has a riding horse that she likes playing with.  Well the thing obviously made her mad and she picks the thing up and tosses it on its side.  I am beginning to think my child has anger management issues!!!  Can we please skip the terrible twos!?? (The horse is in the background)


Trish said...

Hang in there!

Even kids can have a bad day every now and then.

Freddae' said...

Motherhood is fabulous, isn't it? Just wait until she's three. My son is 3 and half now and the fits are worse. He's more vocal about things and I swear I'd take two back over the fits he throws now. Good luck!!!! At least she's cute when she does it. ;-p

Misty Dawn said...

wonder where she gets this from?? beautiful even when she throws a fit..I love my bshae!!!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Too funny, only because I just posted about a rough shopping trip we had today. Glad you stuck it out though. I think that is the best thing you could have done.