Friday, November 6, 2009

Is it lunchtime yet?

I wish I was getting on here to post pictures of my dining room furniture finished but I am not sorry.  Jason has been out of town to his office in VA and I wasn't about to finish it without him here to control wild and crazy Bailey.  Jason is actually having a colonoscopy today and they are taking a camera down his throat as well. He has really bad heart burn and stomach problems so they are going to check everything out.   In case you are wondering Jason isn't the kindest of people when he hasn't had a meal.  I am talking complaining, grumpy, jump down your throat mean. Honestly its worse than a kid.  If we plan on doing something on the weekends we have to plan it around doing it after he eats or we will be miserable. He can get like this if hes having lunch even 15 minutes later than when he got hungry.  So imagine how peaceful  my house is right now since he hasn't eatin for almost 48 hours!!!!  Not so much!  We are hoping everything goes fine and he can get on some medicine to help with the reflux.  We really can't wait for him to get to eat.  The nurse said that the most asked question about the whole procedure is "When can I eat?"  Which means we can't wait til lunch better be something good!

Hopefully its not pumpkins but we are this excited!!

He can't drive so guess who is taking him?? Hold on tight dad!
Everyone have a great weekend.


Trish said...

Hope everything goes well!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Good luck to him. I hope they find a solution. I can relate to how he acts when he's hungry, sounds just like me! Once I delayed a trip to the emergency room for a bowl of soup because I knew once I got there they wouldn't let me eat for at least the next 24 hours.

Cute photos by the way.

Shelly said...

Hope the procedure went well. What a cute photo of your little girl!

Anonymous said...

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