Monday, November 16, 2009

Will pay for energy!!!!!!

I am a total slacker the past few days.  The weather has been great here the past few days.  It has been in the mid 60s all weekend.  Usually when its nice out I have more energy and the desire to do more things.  Not this time!!  I don't feel like I am getting sick, but I just dont have any energy.  I have napped every time Bailey has and still don't feel completly rested.  NO I am not pregnant!  But I really do feel like I have that pregnancy exhaustion.  (So grandparents get that out of your mind!!!)  Hopefully this will go away SOON!   I got up the energy to clean the living room and kitchen today and pulled some of our Christmas stuff out.  Can't  wait to get it all together.  I am very scared about putting the christmas tree out though.  Little miss sticky fingers has to touch everything.  Not only does she touch she has to hold it and throw things.  Any tips for putting a christmas tree out with a toddler?????


**Nicole** said...

LOL! Love that you clarified that you're not pregnant because otherwise I'm sure that's the first thing everyone would have thought :)

Hope you're feeling more energized soon! Even just being a mom of a toddler is pretty exhausting!!!

Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

I hope you get your energy back. I was ready to go back to bed around 9 this morning, so I feel for you!

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