Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who still has coupons in their purse????

How many of you clip coupons every week??  How many of you print coupons off of the internet every week??  How many of you use those coupons everytime??  How many of you get all the coupons you can, plan your menu around the coupons, have all intentions of using the coupons, then get home and remember.... crap I forgot to use the coupons??  Me, Me, Me, and Me!!! 

At first I did all the grocery shopping without Jason.  So I had all these coupons and go to leave for the store and Jason would be like..."Dont foget to use the coupons."  My reaction is..."Yeah I know leave me alone I won't forget them."  Majority of the time I forgot them...ooooops!!  My excuse (which really isn't an excuse its the truth) is by the time you have picked everything up you need and ran to the back of the store because you forgot something, while having a baby in the front of the buggy wanting out or wanting something to are the last thing on your mind.

Well we  all three venture out to the store and I have tons of coupons from the internet and the paper.  I was so excited to get all these good deals.  We shop and I get everything we need and check my coupons and make sure I am getting the right things.  We go to check out and Jason takes over emptying the buggy and paying.  We get home and Jason goes....."Uhhhh we forgot to use the coupons"  HIS FAULT!!!   Now he knows how easy it is to get distracted and forget to use them.  But boy did he complain when I did the exact same thing! 

Please tell me I am not the only one that has issues remembering coupons???


Tara said...

You're definitely not. I forget my coupons every time! I either forget them at home or I make sure to bring them with me and totally forget about them when I'm checking out.

blogmom221 said...

This used to happen to me all the time. If I didn't forget them in my purse, I left them in the car or o the table. I am now following you.

Trish said...

I am a HUGE coupon clipper! I use at least 3 on each trip to the store.

and man I sure hate when I forget them!!!!

So I learned my when I am making out my list I go through all my coupons and then fold them in with my list. That way they are right their in full view as I mark things off my shopping list. Or another way is put them with your check book. Then when you go to right the check out you see them!

Good luck!