Monday, November 9, 2009

Boring shopping trip and fun table!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.   Once again Bailey and I went shopping on Saturday trying to get her some winter clothes and came home with nothing.  This is our situation **I CANT FIND ANYTHING TO FIT HER!!**  She is almost 18 months old and is still mostly in 12month clothing.  I have tons of 12 month pants that I have washed and washed trying to shrink but still too long.  Did I mention I am barely 5 foot!  I guess she inherited my shortness in a major way!  I absolutely love shopping, I could do it every single day.  But this is one time I am getting very frustrated and just want to quit.  She can't wear 9 months because they are too short so that doesn't work either.  I do not even know where to start on sewing anything together muchless hem some pants.  Even if I did that though the waist is still a little too big.  This isn't the first time I have complained about this and I am sure it won't be the last.

On to my evening project this evening.  I know I know....I am supposed to be working on my dining room table but I can't do that until Bailey goes to bed and I have been really tired recently to do that.  It will get done.  Jason tells me I have a touch of ADD when it comes to working on things because I always want to start a million projects at once.

 Anyhoo, I have found a major love for modge podge.  We had this random table that I painted awhile ago and it has sat in many spots in the house.

Bailey has moved it around herself and thrown it around a little.

So I decided I would make the table officially hers.

I took some scrapbook paper that had the alphabet on it.  I cut each square out and then replace them on here.  Now she has a table that matches al her girlie stuff and can use it as a learning area.

Nothing hard at all.  Just modge modged the letters on there and now she has a new tabletop!  Hope she enjoys it onces it dries.

We know that I can barely post anything without  at least one picture of shorty.  This is what I see when I come to get her from a nap one day.  She has learned to take her shirt off, but its the wrong way.  At least she knows to hand the paci over as soon as she wakes up.  One day soon we are going to take that away.


BluePixo Entertainment said...

Hi There, just passing by to say hi.

Paige said...

I love what you have done with the table! Your little girl is precious! Adorable blog!

Simply Sara said...

The table looks awesome. What a great idea to add that cute paper!

I really like your canvas picture idea too. Definitely going to steal that one :)

Sarah said...

Just popping by to say I have an award for can come by my blog to pick it up!

Freddae' said...

I super love what you did with the table.

J. L. W. said...

What a great idea for a tabletop! I'm now following you.
Joy @

2 Toddlers and Me said...

That table is too cute - great job! And what a wonderful smile!

**Nicole** said...

Amber is the complete opposite, at 21 months old she's starting to wear 3T and 4T clothes...LoL! I'm somewhat of a shorty (5'5") but her Daddy is a whopping 6'7" and she got his genes!

LOVE the table, it turned out way cute! Well done :)