Monday, November 23, 2009

Where does the time go?

WOW! I can not believe thanksgiving is this week.  I remember thinking right after halloween that I was totally going to get on top of decorating for Christmas.  I hate that we put so much into pulling it out of the attic and figuring out where to put things and then turn around and pack it back up.  So why not put it up early????  Yeah why not??  Do you know where my christmas decorations are? Sitting in the vanity area still in the box. We are going out of town for thanksgiving so unless it is up tonight or tomorrow then its put off until next week.  So much for enjoying it longer than I wanted.

Are you sitting there thinking...why aren't you doing it now???  Yeah so am I!!!  Bailey is asleep and I wouldn't want to wake her.

Plus I still have to pack.  We all know that it isn't the easiest to pack for little ones.  I have to make a list when going somewhere because I freak out if I don't have something. I don't plan out my outfits I just take everything I could possible want to wear.  Same thing for Bailey.  Then theres all the shower, makeup, medicine, etc. Come to think of itI may decorate a little bit in between packing.  (Jason says I start to many things at once and jump from one room to another..So I don't want to prove him wrong).

About the pictures....Doesn't your 18 month old read books that big?  Mine does!

Well at least she pretends to and carries that thing everywhere.  The book is the One Minute Manager.  My husband I and both have managed retail in the past.  If you work in most retail stores they make you read this book or at least highly suggest to read it.  Well that book was one we read a few years ago. Bailey came across this book awhile back.  You would seriously think that it was the best picture book that plays all these cool songs by the way she is attached to it. Its nothing but words.  I am just glad she likes books all kids of books!!!!!

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