Friday, February 5, 2010

Yummy Pudding

I bet you thought I was going to give you this great recipe that you would have to run home and make huh????  WRONG!  But if you want the directions on how to make instant pudding let me know!  I'm your girl.  We actually decided to have a really fun and messy day again in the Brouse House. Remember when we made this mess?  Well we decided to pull the pudding out again.  But this time Jackson was old enough to play this time.  I thought Bailey would love playing in the pudding again.

We are just starting out.  They really don't know what to think.

Bailey won't touch it with her hands.  So she uses a spoon!

Jackson uses his hands.

Bailey stays clean.

Jackson doesn't.

She gives in...and then asks for a towel.

This is Bailey's paper.

These are Jackson's.
Now we are done.....Almost!
Can't forget the bath!!

What do you do to entertain your kids during the winter months?


Misty Dawn said...

Ha! she's such a girly girl!! I need a vacation day and I'll come make a mess with them!! ;)

Trish said...

what a great idea. I think it is too cute that she doesn't want to get all dirty and be so "lady like"

Enjoy the yucky weekend weather!

Mrs. Vincent said...

Great idea!!!! I need to get some throw sheets or plastic tablecloths to put down over our floors. We got new laminate flooring in August so I'm so hesitant to do anything messy inside. We painted on the easel outside before it got freezing and since then J only paints at the babysitter! Maybe I'll get brave and go for it. We play lots of hide and seek and go to a place called Monkey Joe's which is a place with all sorts of jumpy things. Love it! I can't wait for warm weather though!

peasterpeach said...

That is such a cute idea! I used to work at a day care and we would put a little shaving cream on the table for the kids to play with they loved it and it was the easiest clean up ever!
Im a new follower from MBC friends following friends by the way.