Friday, September 11, 2009

What we do with NO supervision!

Well we were bored today and Jackson was taking a nap. What better thing to do when Dads not home....MAKE A MESS!! I set this up in the kitchen (its chocolate pudding in case you were wondering) and she didn't know what to think. Shes contemplating if I was actually going to let her get into that.She would barely touch it. She would take her one finger and get a little bit on it and lick it off over and over.
MMMMMM.....this stuff is so good!

She decided to dig in. At first she gave me her hand like...uhhhh mom get this off of me. Then she decided to wipe her hands on herself.

This is so good I am going to just eat it out of the pan.

And the after of eating out of the pan.
Then she started putting it on the paper.
And her foot...

And all over her body.

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