Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Food is Yuck

This is about how I feel about right now!
Bailey used to eat lunches and dinners like this.  Do you want to know what she eats noww?  Nothing!!!  She is not into this new phase that she doesn't want to eat hardly anything.  She puts stuff in her mouth and pulls it out and says YUCK!  This is the child that used to eat everything.  I mean everything..well everything but brussel sprouts.  Do you blame her?  She doesn't even eat a whole cupcake anymore.  The only thing she eats a lot of is dry cereal.  From what I have read that kids go through this phase and she will eat when shes hungry.  But is sure is annoying that I make her something for every meal because she says she wants to eat and then she doesn't.

Our trip to Lousianna is coming up next week and I am getting a little freaked out about it.  Jason flies all the time for work.  I have only flown once before and then theres Bailey who has never been on a plane before.  I am getting worried how she is going to act on the plane.  How do you keep a small one entertained on your lap for that long?  What if she freaks out and I am "that mom with the crying kid?"  I am asking for any tips for flying with a 1 1/2 years old? 

Is this kid full of herself or what??  And yes we still have our PJ's on at lunchtime!


Trish said...

that pictures are too funny! She is a ham!!!!

I flew with Kyle several times ALONE when he was that age, my suggestion is a new "goodie bag" filled with fun snacks, a new book and Crayola Color Wonder paper and markers...really neat & fun with NO mess!!!!

...oh and a window seat too!

Cheyanne Hively said...

lol...Kaeden use to only want to eat dry Lucky Charms (to pick the marshmallows out) and oatmeal. He has started to loosen up only if he has something to dip it in. Now, he likes to chew his food (usually chicken) and then spit it out. The joys of motherhood. :) I am sorry, I have no advice for the flying.

Tired Mom Tesa said...

Cute pictures! Good luck, I hope this phase passes quickly I know how frustrating it can be.

As far as flying tips - I say bring lots of lollipops. They kept my kids busy last year and they prevented their ears from hurting due to the pressure.

Good luck with everything!

Mrs. Vincent said...

I love the drama! (Although I'm sure you're super frustrated.) Jordan is just cranky lately. When I was in college and my sister was in high school we always used to tell her to "drop the drama" and now whenever Jordan is cranky we tell him to "cut out the crank". It doesn't really work, but I like saying it!

We took J to Disney World when he was 14 months. Before the trip we went to the Dollar Store and completely loaded up on little silly toys, or even things that weren't really toys that we thought he just would be interested in. I think the biggest trick was not showing anything to him before we got on the plane so it was all new and exciting to him. My MIL let us take her little portable DVD player to watch a movie...that worked for a little while. I think it worked to just have tons of stuff to do and we kept rotating through all of them. HTH! Oh, and getting through security was wild, I would definitely try and check as much as possible and pay attention to all the rules. We had a tub of Aquafor and we didn't even think they would freak out about it and we had something a juice box or yogurt or something that was too many ounces and we had to pitch. You'll be fine though!!!!!

**Nicole** said...

LoL, she's darling! :) I have heard that most kids go through that stage. Amber used to eat anything too and just now has hit her picky is really frustrating!!!

Don't worry about flying! I've flown probably 8 times with Amber (all by myself!!!) and other than the little snafoos I wrote about each time she was amazing and it went so well. The airline lets you bring on the diaper bag along with your carry on so you can bring plenty to keep her entertained. My best tips for flying is to buy a few new books, tasty snacks, and other stuff that might normally not be allowed. I kept Amber entertained for hours this trip by letting her draw on a piece of paper using my pen. Our flights are usually anywhere from 2 to 5 hours you should be able to survive a few hours no problem!!! :) Usually security is no problem and with extra hands to help it should really go smoothly :)