Friday, February 5, 2010

Got milk?? or A Diaper Break?

If you have a weak stomach or find bodily functions gross I suggest stop reading right now.  Some of you may know that Bailey has an issue with constipation.  Some times she will go weeks without having a problem with having a bowel movement.  We have a powder mix we put in her drink that helps her go to the bathroom easier, but I don’t feel the need to give it to her if she is not always constipated.  So as soon as I feel she is going to have an issue or hasn’t done a #2 in awhile I start giving it to her.  Well right now is a time of constipation.  When she feels the need to go to the bathroom she tenses up, turns reds, and cries.  I have to pull her to the floor take her diaper off and hold her legs up like labor and delivery style.  The whole time she is screaming and crying and kicking to get her legs free.  She tries to push the #2 out, but doesn’t always work.  This happens at least 6 or 7 times before she actually gets it out.  When I get lucky she starts to push it out and it is horrible.  The #2 is way to hard and big for her little body to push out, but she somehow does it. Anyways that is how my morning has been.  Crying, pushing, and diaper changing.

After that we came upstairs for lunch.  I give Bailey a sippy cup with milk and send her on her way while I am making lunch.  She's laughing and doing her thing in the living room.  I heard them pounding on something, but thought it was the windows, which they often do.  I didn’t think twice about anything because the kids sound like they are having fun.  I walk in their and guess what I see???????  Her whole cup of milk on my couch!  No I don't mean the cup sitting there.  I mean she had shaken the cup upside down ‘til all of the milk dripped on the couch.
 20th month 087
20th month 088
These are after I had scrubbed on it.  This is how large the area of milk was..  It was about 6 ozs of milk!!!!  I have scrubbed on it a total of 3 times right now.  I am so ready for the weekend.  Have a great weekend.


Trish said...

oh bless her heart. That has to be terrible for her...and not fun for you either!

Maybe you won;t have to smell soured milk for too lond....try to sprinkle some baking powder on it and let it sit over night(it will draw the smell out)

Good luck!

Amanda said...

Am I weird for wanting to keep reading when you told us not to? I've been babysitting for far too long :)

I used to babysit a little boy that would refuse to tell me when he needed to poop. One time I heard all 3 of the kids run out of the room screaming and I didnt even make it to the living room before the nastiest smell hit me. They were playing behind the pillows on the couch and he pooped in his pants then took them off and left them there. The family had to get a new couch...It was awful!

A New Mom said...

I have a 2mos old and I feel your pain. I am ready for my hubby to take over for a little while. My little man has acid reflux and has been spitting up a lot...on mommy. Thats right. I am no longer wearing a shirt I am wearing spit up. Ahhh the life of a mom. Wouldnt give it up for anything right?

A New Mom said...

BTW, found you on MBC :o)

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do? Kids are just so cute and loveable you can't get mad! I know how bad you feel, though; believe me, I do.

Just randomly stopping by your blog and liking it, so I'm following. Please stop by mine, too. Thanks!wi

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

I bought a slipcover so it was easier to clean :)

Victoria said...

Poor Bailey!

Following from MBC FFF. :)

M and M said...

Oh, I've been there with the milk on the couch. It took a long time for the smell to go away, no matter how hard we scrubbed....feel for you. Following you from MBC.