Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Unexpected Package

We received a package in the mail right before Christmas.  I got so excited when I went to the door and there was a package sitting there and we weren't even expecting one.  YAHH!  Of course I had to rip it open ASAP and it is from a lady Jason works with from China.  She sent some place mats, chop sticks, a purse, a scarf, and this adorable outfit below.  Thanks Helen!! 
P.S.  The hat does not go with the outfit, she just wears it all the time now.  This is the girl who last week hated things on her head including hats, bows, and hair clips.

Doesn't she look so cute in this??  As you can tell Bailey has turned into a little model these days.  You tell her to turn and she turns 1/4 of the way and so on until she has turned completly around.  She has to make sure I get all sides of her.  She also sees the camera bag and automatically says "Cheese!" 

Thanks again for the outfit!!


MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Your little girl is SO cute! That outfit is adorable!!

Trish said...

oh how cute and so sweet of the lady to send it to you!