Wednesday, December 30, 2009

19 months old

Its hard to believe Bailey is 19 months old.  We went to her well check up appointment a few weeks ago and she is only 22 pounds.  That puts her in the 10th percentile for weight, but she is 31 inches tall and that is 50th percentile.  So she is just a skinny minny!  She hated the doctor this time.  She cried the whole time and it started before we even got her weighed.

She really is growing up so fast and it breaks my heart.  It seems like in just the past few weeks she has changed so much.  She is so independant and wants to do everything herself now.  She still loves playing a little momma to all her babies.  She follows direction so well now, expect when we are telling her "NO."  We can tell her to put her toys away and she does or throw something away and she goes right to the trash can.  If only I could start giving her actual chores. I can actually give her a wash cloth and she will wipe things off, thats a start right??

She walked in the bathroom the other day and pointed to her diaper like she had to potty.  So I asked if she wanted to go potty on the toilet and she said yes.  So I took her diaper off and sat her on there.  She started making grunting sounds.  It was the funniest thing thing ever because its not like she sees me do that or anything.  She just came up with it on her own.  I have sat her on there many times before and she sits and sits and then is done with nothing in the potty.  Well she got up and I took her to put a diaper on, again with nothing in the toilet.  But once I got her to lay down I realized she had a little poop on her butt.  So I took her back to the toilet and told her to try again.  She started grunting again and actually pooped in the toilet. I couldn't believe it because we aren't even potty training yet.  She peed in their once again for Jason after she napped one day. 

Other things she is doing:
-She will sit and watch cartoons and dance to the songs on Nick Jr.
-She knows all of her body parts.
-Can take her own pants off.
-Her favorite song is "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus--We listen to it at least 10 times a day!!!
-Can say mommy, daddy, mamaw, papaw, nanny, Eash (Jasons sisters name Ana-Leisha), Itsty (Misty for my sister), Bebba (For Becca the little boy I babysits mom), Eye, Doggie, Kitty Kitty, ish (for fish), and can sign for more and says mo mo.

The doctor says she should be saying a lot more.  She actually just started saying this stuff within the past few weeks.  So we are having a speech therapist come out to our house to see if she has something wrong with her speech.  I have been freaking out for months because she didn't want to  say anything but "uhh uhhh uhhhh"  and point. I know there probably isn't anything wrong with her, but I would rather be safe than sorry and get help before its too late.  So to all you mommas out there:  When did your baby start talking?  Were they young? Did you ever have problems with them not talking until a later age?  I would love to hear your story!


Trish said...

that poop story is priceless!!!

and don't worry...pretty soon she will talking up a blue steak and you will saying "shoosh girl!"
200x's a day!

Amanda said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! And SO smart!

Happy New Year to your family!

**Nicole** said...

What a cutie pie :) I can't believe how long her hair is for her being 19 months old!!

Amber has been a complete jabber box for forever, (she gets it from me, lol) but you're ahead in the potty department becuase at 22 months Amber hasn't used the potty once (we haven't been learning yet either, but still...)