Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa came early!!

**Warning**This post could possibly be a lot of rambling so I am going to go ahead and apologize ahead of time for that.  These pictures are what my house looked like after returning home and the reasoning behind the lack of postings.  They don't even include the luggage and bags of shoes and bathroom things and all the other random things I packed.

(The laundry basket is full with toys that I am moving out to make room for the new.)
 It was a crazy/busy few days.  We went to visit Jason's family in PA and ran and ran to see everyone.  We also had a funeral we had to attend while we were there for his uncle.   On top of doing Thanksgiving with all sides of his family up there we also did Christmas with them.  Yahh for presents!!! I like to be at our own house for Christmas because we get to spend lots of family time with just the 3 of us.  So we usually do christmas a little early with them there.

(I have a dining room table there somewhere)
I wish I had all kinds of fun pictures to put up from our trip.  I didn't get the camera out of the car once.  Can you believe it??  Since I got this new camera I take pictures of everything.  I even took the smaller camera that takes short videos and we didn't get either out of the car. 

(Trish this picture is for you.  You told me the only thing that was missing was the tree.  It was there in the mess too!!  IT is now up and decorated!!  Pics coming later
Bailey had a blast the whole time.  She loved playing with so many different people.  Sometimes she would act shy at first but that only lasted a little bit.  Then she was running around and playing and laughing.  We didn't get back until Sunday evening and the whole 5 days we were gone she only took one nap.  She would take 10 minute naps here and there in between stops, but other than that nothing.  In case you don't know I am a firm believer in naps....LONG naps.  She naps every day and I work my schedule around that nap.

(These are just some of the toys she got)
We had no intentions of shopping on black friday but ended up Jason of all people wanted to go.  He just wanted to get out and do something or maybe I am making a shopper out of him after all.  We get up and and get ready after Bailey gets up and no we weren't one of you crazy people that were up and at the store at 4 in the morning or earlier! 

(She got this playpen for her babies.  Right now it is crammed full of anything and everything that fits)
Jason is showering and I am trying to get things ready to get in there after him plus get Baileys things together so he can get her ready.  I go to put my first contact in and I felt the worst pain I have ever felt.  My eye felt like it was going to melt out of my eye.  I immediatly take the contact back out.  I have no clue what the problem was.  I have put a contact in before and it bothered my eyes and I wait a bit and then try again and I am over it.  Not this time.  My eye bothered me all day.  I ended up having to wear my glasses for the day.  I was thinking well by this evening everything will be fine and I can wear contacts again.  WRONG! I am not one to go to the doctor for many things.  I may complain a lot and be very sick, but I don't go to the doctor.  I just don't like too!!  Well it got to be around 9:00 that night and it wasn't getting any better.  I honestly thought I was going to wake up and be blind in my right eye.  OK I know this story is getting way too long.  I end up going to the ER because it burnt so bad when I closed my eyes.   Well I didn't scratch it but they believe there was some type of bacteria on my contact on the case or there could have been something wrong with the solution.  They gave me antibiotic drops and told me to wait a couple days to wear contacts.  Needless to say I was not a very happy camper for a few days.  Note to any doctor that is going to be working close to a patients face....BRUSH YOUR TEETH!!  I had two different doctors looking in my eye and wow could they have used a good brushing!!!

Thanks to everyone for all the presents and letting us stay with you.  I am now taking donations for a place to store all these toys.

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Trish said...

Oh, there's the tree...YIPEEEE!!!!!

Hope your eye get's better soon and that your kitchen table will soon appear!