Friday, December 11, 2009

We got a puppy?!?!??!

We got a puppy?!!?!?!?!  What????  Did someone forget to tell me????
Bailey is so excited about it.  We already have two dogs...Do I really need another one?

Daisy, a copper nose beagle.  We do not use her for hunting at all,considering she is about 20 pounds overweight, she isn't running or chasing anything too fast.  She mainly sleeps all day long.  Unless its lunch time and she is right beside the highchair.  Or snack time and she is following Bailey around wishing and hoping she drops something or decides to share her snack with her.  We feed both dogs around 4:30 ish.  Well Daisy starts barking and bothering us at 3 just in case we forget to feed her. She really doesn't like to sleep on the floor.  How convenient huh?  She has to sleep in a chair, on a blanket, and especially on a pillow.  At night time guess where she sleeps??  Yep thats right in our bed. But not just anywhere in the bed.  She sleeps above our heads.  Yep you guessed it because she has to have some pillows to lean up against.  Then when Jason lets her out in the mornings and she comes back in she runs back to bed and has to get under the covers to get warm. What a life huh? Overall she is a pretty good dog, annoying when it comes to food, but good!!

Then we have diamond, a black lab mix, that pretty much looks like a miniature black lab.  She really is the best dog.  She also is very lazy and sleeps all the time.  She is very laid back and carefree.  Unless there is another dog outside or kids running through the yard then she is a barking fool.  She does sit at the highchair but could care less about following Bailey around for a snack.  She loves to go on walks and explore the neighborhood.  She will sleep anywhere and I mean anywhere.  She will even sleep standing up if there isn't room to lay down.  She just loves to be outside and lay around.

This is a daily routine for them. They are there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

On to my new puppy.  Honestly it is the best puppy in the entire world. 

I love my dogs to death but really don't know if I would get more if anything happened to them.  I get really sick of the dog hair everywhere that appears minutes after sweeping.  Please don't can even see dog hair in this bottom picture.  What possessed me to get a rug with black in it with tan/white haired dog??? I must of have been insane that day.

Anyways on to why I say this is my new dog.  Well Jason obviously bought christmas presents from Victorias Secret because he pulled this out of the back of his truck to give to Bailey the other night.  She was getting aggitated in the car and it was a good form of entertainment til we found a parking spot at the mall.  She carried the thing through the whole mall.  Once we get home Jason let the dogs outside to go potty.  Well Bailey pointed at the door and kept grunting with her dog.  I was like "No its too cold to go outside" She insisted.  So I open the door so she can see what was going on out there.  But, little did I know she wanted her puppy to go potty.  She sat the dog on the  back porch to let it potty!!  She continues to want to let the dog do this every time our dogs go out.  Well I had to put a stop to it because its just way to cold now.  Then one morning I was changing Jacksons (the baby I babysit) diaper and Bailey is being really quiet.  That always means she is doing something she shouldn't be doing.  She is in by the dog bowls letting the dog "drink" the water.  Luckily, she really wasn't playing too much in the water, the tip of the nose was the only thing wet.  She thinks this dog needs to eat every time the real dogs eat!!  I didn't sign up for this new dog  can someone please adopt her??? 


Trish said...

How cute! But I bet what your getting from VS is going to be even cuter...hehehehe!!!!

Freddae' said...

I love, love, love our Beagle. Best thing we ever did was decide to give Ham a pup. They love each other so much. Enjoy!