Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sick and tired of cleaning

Well we had all intentions of cleaning all day Saturday and Sunday.  I was looking for an excuse to break it down to just one day because I hate cleaning, but so many things needed done.  Well remember this post where I said we never get sick.  It only got worse.  Friday night was horrible!!! Bailey was up from 1-4.  That night was the worst I felt through the whole week.  I was freezing, body aches, coughing, the whole works!  Well once we finally got B back down to sleep she ended up sleeping until 9 (never happened before).  So we decide to go to health plus because we can't take another sleepless night.  We got there and got some antibiotics and cough medicine and all kinds of stuff.  Well, we all know how it goes when you go to one of those places.  It takes forever and you wait and wait.  Then on top of that you have to go to the drugstore and wait on your medicine.  There went our day of cleaning on Saturday.  Because of course after all that we all had to take a nap once we got home.  That wasn't the excuse I was looking for to get out of cleaning!!!

So Sunday we got up and got right to cleaning.  We have so many closets downstairs that we stuff things in instead of putting them in the attic.  So we were trying to empty them out and put the stuff in the attic.  Baileys baby bathtub being one of them.  She sat in this thing and had a snack and drank her milk.  She thought it was the best thing ever.

I move on to cleaning the upstairs bathroom.  We keep the bathroom doors shut around here for obvious reasons pictured above.  We are having issues with her not listening to us at all when we tell her no.  Bailey was being so good that morning because she still wasn't feeling that well.  So I left her playing in the hallway with the bathroom door open while I walked to the kitchen to get something.  When I came back I saw this.

Yes this is a whole roll of toilet paper in the floor.  I swear I wasn't gone long enough for her to get the whole thing unrolled.

She made the mess so she had to clean it up.  We made her pick all of it up to put it in the trash bag.  Yeah thats right we made her clean up her own mess.  We taught her.  She will never do this again.  Well only because the doors are closed all the time.  So we taught her...until the next time the door is open and its fair game again.

Later that evening we went to my parents for thanksgiving  since we were out of town the week before.  It took a lot of begging to get the meal, they thought they got out of cooking.  They didn't cook because we weren't here.  They ate out instead.  So what else do they have to do than make turkey for us.  It was delicious but once again I forgot to bring  my camera!  What has gotten into me???  I can take pictures of toilet paper on floor but not of family gatherings with everyone!!  I promise to not ever do this again!!!


Heather McDougle said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! I am sick and tired of cleaning too. I have 2 kids so I understand.

I found you from MBC and am now following you! Check me out if you have a chance.


Misty Dawn said...

ohhh my ..this lil booger is craaZy!!!!