Monday, May 3, 2010

Jasons 28th started bright and early....

Warning:  Major picture overload. After I started looking through the pictures I realized there were

Saturday was Jason's 28th Birthday!  I hope you had a great day, Jason.  We love you very much and can't wait to spend many more with you!

May is such a busy month for us.  We have Jason's birthday, our anniversary, Mothers day, and Bailey's birthday.  So we try to combine presents for the few holidays this month. Sometimes we don't even do gifts for each other or we just both guy buy something we want ourselves.

Well this Saturday on Jason's birthday we started really early.  We did the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk.  We had to get up at 6 for us to get ready and that's a really early start for us!  My mom has been diagnosed with cancer twice in the past 3 years.  She has gone through chemo twice and radiation once.  My aunt has been diagnosed once before and now they have found more spots on her recently.  So Jason, Bailey, Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt, and Cousin all walked in the walk.  Its amazing how many people were there to support the cause.

A group of survivors.

Bailey doesn't get up this early......
Can you tell by this look??

We tried to get some pictures together but she wasn't happy about it.

Finally getting in a better mood.
She rode in the stroller most of the time then we let her out for a break.
My sister insisted on an action picture....ha
My aunt and cousin
She insisted that Papaw carry majority of the time
The time we finished the race.
They finished the 3 mile race!!!  They both have bad knees and sometimes my mom can barely walk through the house sometimes because her knee is so bad!  She has been taking her Osteo Bi-Flex to get ready.

Jason, Bailey, and my sister finishing right behind.

Standing there out of no where Bailey starts posing because that's what she does around the camera.

Clapping for more walkers coming in,.
We tried to get a family you can tell that didn't happen.
So we got one with out the model!
We also found a grasshopper that Bailey was totally disgusted by.

If you made it through all these pictures thank you!  Hope you enjoyed.


Trish said...

what great pictures and cause!

I love the one of you & Jason together. Hope he had a wonderful birthday.

Mrs. Vincent said...

That's great that you got to spend the day with your family! How cute is Bailey's pink tu-tu skirt???? I so wish adults could get away with those. (Can you tell i need a girl...) I also sooooo wish I was still 28. I'll be 30 an about a month...

Vanessa said...

These pictures are beautiful. Susan G. Komen holds a special place in my heart. I love taking part in the walks!