Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An amazing 3 years!!

*These pictures are not professional just ones I stole from everyone and put on a CD!

This time three years ago I was getting ready to be married. I was so nervous about everything that was going on that day. I was not nervous to be getting married or who I was marrying, but nervous that all the details would fall into place. Looking back its so funny to think about the things brides freak out about going wrong when they are really only small things that no one really notices.  The the fact that my aisle runner broke and it took 3 people to unroll it. No one saw that....just everyone in the church!

Everything turned out perfectly fine, except the photographer. Long story short he tried to leave early before everything big had happened at the reception and the only way to get him to stay was to pay him on the spot more money. I hated we had to do that, but I didn't want to not have pictures to remember it by.

It feels like we were married so long ago, but I remember all the details. Like the fact that I put my wedding dress on at probably around noon, that was the last time I used the bathroom until 11:00 that night!!! Or the fact that we were so busy socializing we hardly ate at the reception so after going back to the hotel that night we ordered pizza for all of our friends that were hanging out.

It was really the greatest thing ever to have all of our friends and family in one place celebrating.  I say all the time I want to get married again.  I want to wear my dress again and have a celebration!  I am begging for a party at 5 years!!

To Jason: Thanks for making the past 3 years so amazing!! You give me the world and then some. You truly do make me so happy even on the worst of days. You always have a shoulder for me to cry on or a smart comment to make me smile. You really are my better half! Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of all, Bailey. Not only are you a great husband, but an amazing father. I love to see you with Bailey and the way she looks at you like your the world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay home with her. I really would be lost if I had to leave her everyday. I love you very much and can't wait to spend forever with you. Thanks for dealing with me and spoiling me! (If any of you know me personally know that I am handful!)

I attached this video and hope it works!  Hope you enjoy because this song is how I feel.  Jason you make me smile!!  Ok I am trying to get this to work but its not happening.  There is no sound coming from it on my end.  I am trying to fix it!!


Trish said...

Happy 3 year Anniversary guys!

the photographer really tried to duck out early??? WTH!!!!!

Tenny Kusuma said...

Happy 3rd Aniversary. May God Bless your family Always!!! And, you looked so beautiful on your wedding day.

Tenny @ Simply A Mom

Mrs. Vincent said...

Sweet! Congrats on 3 years! I love the new Uncle Kracker song!!!

Vanessa said...

Your photog was a jerk! But look at you, you looked GORGEOUS!