Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just swingin'....

Well we are almost to the big day!  Bailey's big 2nd birthday!!!!  I can not believe we are about to celebrate her turning two, I feel like she is still a baby!  We have so much to do to get ready for her party this weekend.  The most important thing we had to get together before the party was this thing!
Nope not a ladder! But the ladder is a very important part!
Bailey helping Daddy build, but has no clue what it is.
Here Dad I will watch and you do the work!  Papaw came and helped  but I didn't have my camera out the whole time. Then we were too busy inside making decorations for the party and food for everyone to eat.  And here is the greatest present of all.......
The directions say that the assembly of this is 8-10 hours.  I didn't believe it!  Well believe it...they were putting final touches on it and it was almost dark out!  PS the house still needs a roof so technically its still not finished!
That's Bailey telling her Daddy she can do it herself.  And that she can!!
She talks about this thing all the time now.  Well for the whole 3 days its been together.
Showing Daddy her picnic table that she ate cookies at earlier!!
We still haven't figured out who likes it better!!  But I will say this kid loves to go to Mamaw and Papaws house.  Every time I say lets get ready she says "Mamaw's house?"  Well last night we were going to run over there while Jason took a ladder back and once she saw the slide she chose it over going to see them.

Mamaw Eskew bought this for her!!  We thank you so much for getting so a wonderful present!  It is definitely the best present that will keep the excitement coming for years to come!  Thanks Mamaw!!!!

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Trish said...

there's a little girl in my neighorhood, her name is Charlotte Johnson & she's really lookin good....oh okay, I'll stop now.....

what a great Daddy she has! Can't wait to see pictures from the party.