Thursday, May 27, 2010

First day of being a...

TWO YEAR OLD!!!!My My...Where has the time gone?? 
Dear Bailey,
     I can not believe my sweet baby girl is two years old today!  The memory of laying in the hospital having you is still so fresh in my memory.  I honestly remember everything as if it were yesterday.  You have been the easiest baby even before you were born.  (I would like to thank you for making labor and delivery so easy and only making  me push for 25 minutes. You probably were just really excited to meet me! Understandable.)  Anyways, you have turned our world upside down.  Just the thought of your smile brings a tear to my eye sometimes.  When you are cracking up at the silliest things I just want to cry and wish you understood how much you mean to me.  Right now you are talking up a storm about anything and everything.  You love people, but at the time you are very shy at first.  You will run towards one of us as soon as someone new walks in the room and hide.  You love Mickey and Minnie,  Elmo, and all things baby.  You are such a little momma.  You feel the need to help take care of all babies and kids you play with.  You are also sleeping in a big girl bed for two nights so far!!  We will talk more about that later!

Today we gave you one of your presents so you could get something on your actual birthday.  You have talked about a wagon for weeks now. The little girl out back has one and its all you talk about it after you play with it or see it.

I started taking pictures this morning and decided to take them through out the day so you knew what you were doing on your 2nd birthday!

As soon as you saw we had a wagon we had to take it for a drive.  Here you are crying because instead of walking at first I had to snap a picture.
We went on two walks in the wagon before 10:00.
Once again you being the mother hen and making Jackson put his seatbelt on.
You had grilled cheese for lunch.

As soon as lunch was over we put our suits on and headed out to the pool.
You love to play with the spray bottle.
Even drink from it!
You are such a beautiful little girl and I can't wait to see you the young lady you grow into.
 You then made daddy take you for a walk on his lunch.
For dinner we went to a little icecream joint and got yummy milkshakes and dinner.

Then you got really hyper on the way home.
We stopped at Mamaw and Papaws for a minute and you had a snack and cracked up at Papaw.

We then came home and you insisted you needed to play in the pool again!  Then we went for a really long wagon walk and are sitting here having a snack before bed!

I hope you have enjoyed your birthday!!!!  Mommy and Daddy love you with all our hearts! 

Happy 2nd Birthday!!


Trish said...

Kristi, she is just adorable! I know you are one proud momma. What a great 2nd birthday and great idea to document the day in photos so she can look back years from now.
Hope her party is a huge sucess!
Have a great weekend.

Stephanie said...

Great post :) Happy Birthday, Bailey! Don't worry about terrible two's, I looooove this age!! They learn so much.

Mrs. Vincent said...

Happy Birthday, Bailey!!!! What a great day! I just took Jordan on a stroller ride yesterday, he wanted to go for a walk and usually he rides his bike or walks now with us. It was cute for him to crawl in and let me push him in the stroller. I realized how much I miss walks. I feel like we used to go more, and it was different in the stroller than him on his own. That wagon looks great!!!

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!! She just gets cuter by the day!!