Monday, May 24, 2010

One spoiled dog lives here......

My sister got a chihuahua, Baby Girl, back in December of 2007.  I could go into details about the life of Baby Girl, but its nothing compared to some of the stories I am about to share.  My sister moved in with my parents a little over a year ago with the dog.  Since my mom for the most part is home all the time they were spending more time together than BG (Baby Girl) and Misty.  Honestly, I am not sure who is more attached to who when it comes to my mom and this dog!!!  Anyways, we are always giving my mom a hard time with how she treats this dog so I thought you might enjoy some of these stories as well.

The dog sleeps with my mom everynight.  When my sister wakes up she goes upstairs and lays in my moms bed for a few with BG.  My sister is really hyper all the time.  My mom yells at her because "Baby Girl just woke and its too early to play."

She claims the dog doesn't like to eat as soon as she gets up because "its too early."

One morning my mom woke my sister up because she had to go somewhere early and told her, "Misty make sure you get BG up and tell her her food is in her bowl."  Don't all dogs know where their food is???  My sister did not show her and my mom seriously yelled at my sister for it.  She knew because the dog was too lazy to jump off the bed and the food was still in the bowl.

The dog will only stand on carpet to eat her food.  If there is no carpet available she has to be hand fed.  When she does eat from a bowl she has to have "gravy" aka warm water mixed with her food.

If the dog stands there and doesn't want to walk back up the stairs my mom will go get her.  The same thing goes for jumping on anything, my mom would rather lift her so doesn't have to jump.

The word BATH has to be spelled out because "the dog gets scared."

If everyone leaves the house they have to lay blankets down so she has a comfy place to sleep.  The curtains have to be pulled open so she can  see outside.  They also leave the TV on in case she wants to watch it.

If my mom takes her somewhere and its cold out she has a special "pink blanky" she wraps her in because she gets cold.  Aren't dogs supposed to be able to handle the cold?? I thought so!!

If it snows my parents will shovel a small area in their yard so she doesnt have to walk in the snow!!

If its raining too hard my mom will take an umbrella outside when she has to potty.

The other day I asked my mom to come early to babysit so I could get ready without chasing Bailey around.  Her answer was "Well let me wait til Misty gets home so she can feed BG and she isn't home alone."

My parents are great parents, but I am beginning to think I would rather be their dog than daughter!!

Dear Baby Girl,
     I am jealous of your lifstyle!


Trish said...

what in the world??? I am a huge dog lover...well I should say of BIG dogs(real dogs) not little dogs that are treated like babies.
If the dog needs a sweater it's not a dog!

Jennifer said...

I just sent my mom a link to read this story because it reminds me so much of her. I had a mini-chihuahua as well who became more attached to my mom so now she is her baby. My mom does the weirdest things for this dog and treats her like a child. For instance my mom loves sonic ice, well so does the dog, Star, so my mom crunches some up for her and then that is Star's water. She hasn't drank actual water since I had her. Oh there's too much to list in a comment but I know what you're saying for sure!!