Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Bailey sayin' ?

First off I would like to say that everyone seems to like the polka dot theme!  I got some great ideas from you all and did some more researching myself.  I went out to Michael's and the dollar store last night and picked up a few things, so I will show those after I get started on making some things.

Anyways I just wanted to post some things that Bailey has been saying.  She doesn't stop talking or rambling on most of time.  I really can't watch the news or a TV show because she talks so much.

She is now saying "Laa You" aka Love you.

She says "hold you" all the time when she wants to be held.

When I tell her she can't do something right now she tilts her head to the side and says "Later?"  I guess I say that too much.

She carries her babies around and looks at them and says "You cute."

She will also look at clothes in her closet or even in a store and say "That's cute."

She started calling "daddy" Jason the other day!  I guess we are on a first name basis these days.

Last night Jason was changing her diaper and she wouldn't listen and he raised his voice saying "Bailey Shae" and she looked at him and said "Bwouse."

She is obsessed with boo boos.  She makes sure we put medicine on them all the time and a band aid.  Every time we do it she points out everywhere she has had a boo boo before.  Then she says "more" because she likes them I guess.

She is into singing songs with hand motions.  We sing patty cake, itsy bitsy spider, hokey pokey, if your happy and you know it, and pearly shells from the Mickey Mouse beach party.

She is really talking all the time and doing so well. We have an evaluation with the speech therapist at the end of June to see where she stands and if we need as many sessions with her.  One thing I have learned is she is now at the age we have to watch what we say.  I was doing something in the kitchen and said "Crap" and she repeated it.  I know its not that bad of a word, but not something I want my 2 year old to say.

PS. Do you know how hard it is to get pop tart out of a dolls mouth that completely opens???

Hope everyone had a great mothers day!  I sure did!  I actually have just enjoyed the whole weekend loving on my sweet little girl. 

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Trish said...

hehehe...I once fed my baby doll a green pea. It had a smooshed pea in its mouth for monthes...GROSS!

Love your new "Chatty Cathy...I mean Bailey" baby :O)