Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday party-Part 1

Well the birthday has come and gone!  It was a long week trying to get everything together and cleaning.  If you were to come to my house right now you wouldn't even notice I cleaned for a week straight!  Bailey got so many presents it was ridiculous.  I was so surprised people bought her so much!  She is a very loved girl and hasn't stopped playing with everything.  This post is probably going to be two post long because there are so many pictures.  Jason and my sister took most of the pictures because I was always moving and talking.  So here we go with some of the polka dots.   I felt like I made so much but once I got it outside and it was spread out didn't seem like so much!  Enjoy!

Where the theme started!!
Less than a week old.
One year!
Two years!
There were polka dot streams hanging beside the flower balls on the tent but they are kinda hard to see.  Lets just say I cut a lot of circles!

To be continued.....


Vanessa said...

What a cute theme! & that dress is SO precious!!!!

Trish said...

I love the candy filled mason jars! Such a cute idea! Can't wait to see more....and you know I hate to wait...right??????

Mrs. Vincent said...

I love the colors!!!! You did a great job! I hope you had a circle cutter!!!! :)

I know what you mean about it not looking like you did that much when you get it all put together. I have felt the same way the last two parties I've been a part of throwing. I think you did an awesome job though, it looks great so far!!!! And Bailey looks soooo happy!!!

Amy J said...

How fun!!! And what an adorable little girl :) Just found your blog tonight and thought I'd say hi! Blessings!

**Nicole** said...

Love love LOVE it!!! So much more creative than what I did for Amber's 2nd birthday...which was basically rent a room and bring the cake..lol! A very happy birthday to your sweet girl :)