Monday, June 7, 2010

Pink is my signature color!!

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl I was ecstatic!  I always wanted a girl from the time I was little.  I would have loved a little boy just as much, but I wished and hoped for a girl.  There are all types of little girls and I am sure they change as they grow older.  Right now we have a 100% girly girl!! 

Sometimes I will put an outfit on her and she will scream because its not pink or sometimes I will dress her and she will go in her room take her pants off and bring me some type of pink pants to change into.  Sometimes she insist on wearing a dress.

She hates to get her hands dirty.  If she is eating and food gets on her hand she screams "napkin napkin" so she can clean herself off.

She will play with rocks and sticks outside but she touches with with her about two fingers and her thumb.  She is always careful to not get much dirt on her hands.

She loves to put rings on her fingers and wear bracelets.  She will walk around the whole house with her pretend high heel shoes on.  Sometimes she even pulls mine out of the closet and wears them.

When she has sandals on and the grass is a little wet or Jason has just mowed and it gets on her toes she freaks out.  We have to clean her feet for her to carry on with what she is doing.

This is the best!  She got some play makeup for her birthday.  I let her play with it that night, as you can tell in the pictures she loved it.  Well the next day we were getting ready to go somewhere and I was putting my make-up on and she insisted she had to put some on.  She seriously cried and threw a fit that evening until I gave in and let her put some makeup on.  Needless to say I wiped it off once we got to the car.  I guess she thinks she needs to wear makeup to go places now.

Anyone know what movie the title of this post came from???  One of my favorites!!!!


Trish said...

Steel Magnolia' that movie!

I think you may need to give a quick lesson on "less is more" and where to apply all that pink :O)

Amanda said...

Steel Magnolias! Ive actually never seen it, but my mom LOVES the movie and always quoted it!

Adorable :) She's just a doll!

Mrs. Vincent said...

So fun!!!! You know you're just adding to me wanting a girl...but that's okay. I'm happy boy or girl...but I love the girly stuff!!!! She's too cute!