Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday party-Part 2

Here are some more pictures from Baileys 2nd birthday party.  We ended up having a great turn out of little ones.  Here is  pic of her dress one more time just to show you how cute it was.
Our little family!!  (Sorry Jason wasn't looking in any of them for some reason)
Bailey very rarely gets to see her second cousin Jamie.  But she loved him that whole day and talked about him for days.  She followed him around and thought he was the best thing ever!
Bailey and her papaw!
These are my best friends twins, Kenlie and Kylie, and my sisters friends little boy.
Right before I snapped this picture he said "Mommy, look there's two of them."
Bailey and one of the twins going for a ride.  Bailey is exactly two months older than them.
Everyone enjoying the new swing set!  Thanks again Mamaw!
Bella!  She is one of the cutest babies and has red hair!!  She is also one of the best babies I have ever been around.
Bailey licking the icing off her number 2 candle.  When everyone started singing Happy Birthday to her she started bawling and ran to me!
With all of her presents behind her!  She got so much stuff! It was so hot that day she was begging to come in for a little bit.  So we just decided to carry all the presents in and open inside because everyone was burning up.  You can tell by how sweaty her hair is.
Mommy and Daddy got her this piano with microphone.  I am not sure who liked it better Bailey or Aunt
Te Te!

Bailey I hope you had a wonderful birthday!  We love you so much and the past two years have been so exciting and such a learning experience!  You have turned our world upside down for the best and we wouldn't change a thing.  You make us smile no matter the situation!  I just wish it didn't go by so fast!  Love you so much BB!!!  Also a big thanks to everyone made the party!  We appreciate everything you did for our princess!


Stephanie said...

I love all the pictures! It looks like she had a wonderful birthday. And that dress is too cute!

Amanda said...

Ok, SO adorable! Loving all of the pics :) She is preeeecious and I adore her little birthday dress!

You look fabulous by the way! (and I love your little Old Navy top! I had my eye on that one for the longest time and never went back to get it...Boo.)

Trish said...

Love the comment on the twins....that cracked me up. Great pictures and I love her dress, it matched the party so well. You did a GREAT job!

Mrs. Vincent said...

Birthdays are so much fun! I love getting together with family!!! Bailey is 2!!!!!