Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy Happy..... is what Bailey sings over and over while playing.  She is not the only one that is happy with this weather. We are enjoying the weather and playing outside so much.  Bailey asks to go out and play all the time.  We told Bailey the night before Easter that the bunny was coming after she went to sleep and was going to fill her basket full of fun things.  She actually got it and I was surprised!  She woke up that morning and I was changing her diaper and she pointed outside and said "bunny" and got excited.  She also took a nap that day and woke up thinking the bunny had been here and did the same thing Monday morning. 

We went to my parents on Easter and ate and had an easter egg hunt. 
She liked finding the eggs for a little bit.....
Until she noticed that my Dad got her car out and cleaned it. She played in this all afternoon.
We blew bubbles.
She got a booboo on her knee.

We smiled A LOT.

Chased off all the bees with Papaw

Tried to go up the stairs by herself.
It was such a beautiful day.  We went barefoot the whole day and played.

On another note:  If you have not heard about the mining accident that happened here in WV I would like for you to please keep them and their families in your thoughts.  So far there are 25 confirmed dead, 2 injured, and 4 missing.  A friend I was in sorority with has lost her father-in-law in the accident.   I also know several other that know people that have been affected by the accident.  Just please think of them through this hard time.


Trish said...

What great pictures...the grass is so beautiful & green!

I heard about th eminers,it is just horrible! I will keep them and their families in my prayers.

Stephanie said...

Such great pictures!! I looks like you all had a wonderful Easter.

I did hear about the mining accident. How awful. I am following it as much as I can on CNN. I hope that they can recover those missing alive and well.

Mrs. Vincent said...

It is so ironic to me that you are talking "happy happy happy" because everything in our house right now is mad mad mad. Jordan has been in such a mood lately. He'll be okay but then little things make him mad. I jinxed myself because I just said how we've gotten almost through the twos without any huge temper tantrums and then all of a sudden he started. Today at dinner I asked him if watched a movie today at the babysitter's and he said, "Abbie brought Ariel but I'm mad because I want to bring a movie." He's so dramatic about everything!!!! :)

**Nicole** said...

She is so sweet! I love the gorgeous Easter dress too, and your new layout! :D All fab ;)