Monday, April 19, 2010

Bailey...the new photographer!

Not  much going on around The Brouse House.  We went to Jackson birthday party this weekend.  I have pictures of it but have not uploaded them yet.  I will share this week.  We did have another photoshoot with Jackson so his mommy could have lots of pictures to document that cute little face at one year!  This time we ventured somewhere different.  The only way I could do it was because my sister had a doctor appointment and I made her stop by for a few minutes before work to chase one of the kids while I took pictures of the other one.  Bailey would rather check a new place out than stay still for a picture.  So I didn't get many of her, her outfit was so cute and she just wouldn't stay still.  So heres more of Jackson and some of Bailey.
"Seriously guys just let me run!!"
She was saying..."Key" ...."Key"  She really wanted in the building.
Here she is saying "Hold" because I was making her sit there
She is always giving kiss!

When we got home she got her baby and kept propping her against different pillows and saying "cheese" and clicking her tounge like she was taking pictures.  She then saw my camera and pointed to it and watned me to take a picture of her baby.  This is the great shot of her photoshoot.  She then insisted she had to see to see the screen to view her picture afterwards.  She has been doing photoshoots for days now! 


Trish said...

what a cute story, it made me laugh out loud! Boy they sure do catch on quick at that age!

Great pictures, can't wait to see the ones from the party!

Mrs. Vincent said...

So much fun!!! I need to break out my old digital camera that takes better quality pictures. It's nowhere near a digital SLR (which is what I'm guessing you have?) but it does a ton better than my silly point and shoot. I need the weather to just warm up a tad more so we can really enjoy being outside versus enjoying the sun on a super chilly and windy day. :) I love her outfit. I have two comments, or questions, I guess, about little girls' clothes: 1. Can I please just have a girl so I can buy those cute little girls' clothes and dress her up and put pigtails in her hair and paint her nails and take adorable pictures like Kristi? and 2. Why don't little girls' clothes look as cute on grown-up almost 30 year old mommies?

Aries said...

She is such a pretty little girl. What a doll. Have a nice day. Just blog hopping.

Vanessa said...

Kisses boys already? Girl, you are going to have problems later on!! ;)

Love the pics!

Tired Mom Tésa said...

Both their outfits are adorable! That's so cute that she was holding her own photoshoot. Great pictures!

furygirl3132 said...

What a couple of cuties! Thanks so much for sharing! I am a new follower from FFF/MBC, so glad to have found your great blog. Hope you have a wonderful day!