Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where does …….

the time go?  We finally got some nice weather here the past few days.  We have been outside a few times but I am still a little leery of the chilly wind so we don’t stay out for long amounts of time.  I know am a worry wart, but that’s just me.  I snapped this picture at lunch time today and remember I had one from spring time last year that was pretty similar.  Isn’t funny how fast they change and seem so mature less in less than a year?  At least we got rid of the ponytail on top that everyone called a waterfall.  Its not a waterfall ok???
21st month
I believe I am back to blogging.  I know its difficult to get through the day when I don’t post regularly! haha kidding.    I have lots and lots of pictures to catch you up on.  We have had play dates, visitors, and tons of stories to share with you.  We have one more little trip coming up this weekend and I am taking a break from traveling.  Plus spring break is around the corner and I don’t have to babysit for a whole week! We will miss you Jacksypoo. This also means that you will see the finished product of what happened here.

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Tired Mom Tésa said...

Love the comparison pictures! I can understand why you've been so busy, the weather is getting so nice it's hard to stay inside and on the computer. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures!