Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Somewhat "After"

Remember when I posted here about what we were doing one Saturday??  Well I still haven't gotten pictures of the whole room put together.  We painted and then had family in town, then went out of town ourselves, then everyone got sick.  I have had tons of opportunities to take pictures, but then you would see the books and jackets on the back of the couch, all the toys that still haven't been put away, and all the junk piled on my table.  Lets be honest here, I am just too lazy to clean right now.  I will show you this pic of the top of my hutch.  I am trying to figure what I want up there.  All of these things are not up there right now, but I threw them up there to get a vision.  You can tell in this picture the color of the wall. 
If you see what I see, then you see a blue wall that looks like it belongs in a newborn baby boys room.  It actually is a little darker than the picture makes it out to be, but we would have liked a little darker.  When we went to Lowes to get the paint I was a little scared of making the room too dark.  So I found a color I really liked and then went a shade lighter, because in my experience paint drys darker in my house.  Well the first time I thought I made smart decision with paint, it actually wasn't so smart after all.  We only painted one wall for an accent wall thank goodness!

We still have more than half a gallon left.  It would be so nice if they would just give us another squirt of coloring in the can so we can repaint it!  Anyone know if they do things like that?  My guess is NO!  They are going to tell me to buy another gallon of paint. 

We are on spring break this week, so we don't have Jackson.  So maybe, just maybe I will get my house back in order.  Or maybe I will just be lazy because I only have one kid to chase after, better yet we may just go shopping!!  Have a great day!


Trish said...

Yes Lowes will do that...or at least mine does.
I bought all our paint from there when we built the house and they know the hubs and I by first name....now even though we are finished building the house they all still scatter when they see us walk through the door....strange huh?????

You could at least call the paint desk and ask them....doesn't hurt to ask???

Tired Mom Tésa said...

The color in the picture looks great. Maybe it will grow on you? I never have good luck with painting, my sister on the other hand is a painting wizard or something. She can paint a whole room perfectly in less than a day and won't even tape anything off. Her color selection is always perfect too. I just need to hire her sometime!