Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is Bailey doing?

What is Bailey doing?  This is such a good question I am glad you asked!  It took her almost 2 weeks to fully recover from that virus she had.  She wasn't really sick, but just cranky and whiny.  Everything made her mad, she always wanted to be held, and she wouldn't play at all.  It was very rough dealing with her.  The past few days has totally changed for her.  She is back to her old self and even has more of a personality.  I have been so proud of her recently by the things she is doing.

Tonight she kept saying my name and I wasn't paying attention and when I turned around she was wanting me to help take her zip up hoodie off.  I was "sorry" and I swear she mumbled to me "its ok."

We drove past Mcdonalds on our way to the store and she started laughing and saying, "I eat, I eat, I eat"  and pointed and looking in that direction.

She was looking at a book and the inside cover was blue and she looks at me while pointing to it and says "blue blue."

She can do head, shoulders, knees, toes.  She doesn't sing it, but does the motions, except shoulders.

She has a Mickey video she is obsessed with and there are hula dancers in it and she dances and does the arm motions with them while watching.

She is getting better at pointing to things in books and saying what they are.  She has known what they are for awhile when we ask her to point to them, but now points to them and says their name without being asked.

I weighed her today and she is up to 24 lbs.  She finally is starting to gain weight.  She weighed 21lbs at her 18 months checkup and was only in the 10th percentile.  I put a pair of jeans on her she has never worn and I believe they were 18 months from Old Navy.  They are still way to big around the waste but almost too short.  So she is tall, but very skinny.  Obviously, not like her Momma.


Mrs. Vincent said...

So cute! It's crazy how fast things go and then they have grown up and are so different before we know it. Jordan lately will say, "I have a great idea!" And then he'll run over and tell us what he wants to do. it's so cute. I bought a journal to write down all the cute stuff he says and does...but you're keeping track on your blog!

Katherine said...

I have a daughter about the same age and is learning new things every day. I love this age and just watching them grow into amazing little people :)
I found your blog through MBC @ FFF

Trish said...

Oh I just love her glasses!

Glad to hear she is doing better and gaining weight. Kyle never had a problem in that department at that age. He was 25lbs on his 1st birthday....he was a load!

Have a great week girl!

Tired Mom Tésa said...

Love those sunglasses! What great pictures!

Glad she is feeling better.